Loyola University Chicago

The Graduate School

Reimbursement Instructions

The Graduate School will award up to $750 per student for travel and/or $300 for research support awards. Each student may receive only $750 in travel funding per academic year, (which may be spread out over two awards) and only one research award per student per degree. If you are a graduate student who has been pre-approved for one of our awards, please follow the directions below to claim reimbursement. All funds must be claimed within the same academic year.

All funding must be approved in advance prior to any travel or research spending. You will receive a confirmation email to your LUC.edu account once the request has been approved. The email contains instructions and links for claiming reimbursement. If you have not received an award confirmation email from the Graduate School, contact us before spending any funds for which you hope to be reimbursed.

  • All reimbursement claims must include a completed W9. International students must also complete a W8.
  • It is very strongly preferred that you type directly into the electronic reimbursement form. Messy forms with illegible handwriting or scratch-outs will not be accepted. Incomplete or incorrect completion of the reimbursement form will cause a delay in reimbursement so please make sure that you have filled it out completely, signed it, and included all necessary receipts. (This form MUST be turned in to the Graduate School first. Please disregard instructions to turn it in to Accounts Payable.)
  • Electronically submitted claims (via email) must be combined into a single PDF document. Alternately, claims that are being mailed or dropped off should be in an envelope or gathered with a paper clip. Do not staple anything together.
  • If you are receiving additional funding from another department for the same trip, get the appropriate signature approval from them before submitting your claim to the Graduate School. Everything should be listed on the same claim.
  • If you are requesting gift cards as incentives for part of your research award, the Graduate School can not reimburse gift cards purchased with personal or departmental funds. You MUST submit a request for the Graduate School to purchase the gift cards for you.
  • You must indicate on the Expense Reimbursement form how you would like to be paid. Select Direct Deposit only if you are already receiving a stipend/paycheck from the university. Otherwise, select Check. Please make sure to use your current mailing address on the form, as this is where your check will be mailed.
  • If you have concerns about what Loyola will reimburse, please refer to the Travel & Business Expense Policy.
  • Please note that it can take up to two months to receive your reimbursement after we submit it to Accounts Payable.

Travel Awards

Within three weeks* after attending the conference, fill out an Expense Reimbursement Form and submit it to the Graduate School along with your receipts. Please include a copy of the page of the conference program showing your name and participation.

Lodging: A detailed statement and/or receipt from the hotel must be included with your claim. You should receive this from the hotel before you check out or upon checkout.

Air Travel: A detailed statement and/or receipt from the airline must be included with your claim. The receipt must include your name as a passenger on the flight, even if you did not purchase the ticket.

Ground Transportation: If you used a personal vehicle for travel, reimbursement is provided based on miles traveled. Gas receipts are not necessary. Please provide a copy of your route with the claim (e.g. a printout of your route on Google Maps). The university’s current reimbursement rates can be found here. If another form of ground transport was used (rental car, train, etc.) simply provide the receipt.

International Currency: Use a currency converter and list all expenses in US dollars. Accounts Payable will double check the currency conversions prior to payment.

* Please note that all claims must be filed with the Graduate School by June 15th. Students who are traveling in late May or June will receive special instructions regarding this deadline.

Research Awards

Once the approved activities are completed, fill out an Expense Reimbursement Form and submit it to the Graduate School along with your original receipts. If your award included gift cards or incentives of some kind, please be aware that IRS rules require that you complete a disbursement log tracking what was distributed. Do not forget that the Graduate School can not reimburse gift cards purchased with personal or departmental funds. You MUST submit a request for the Graduate School to purchase the gift cards for you. If subjects must remain anonymous, please indicate that on your reimbursement request and list the subject’s study number on your disbursement log.


Once your claim has been submitted to the Graduate School we will review it for completeness and final budget approval. Approved requests will be forwarded to the Accounts Payable office for a check or a direct deposit to reimburse you. Claims are typically disbursed by Accounts Payable within 6 to 8 weeks.

You may direct claims correspondence and questions to:

Awards Coordinator
The Graduate School
1032 W. Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60660
Ph: 773-508-7479