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Negotiating Space

Negotiating Space

Women’s Studies Gender Studies graduate student Nicole Carrasco’s podcast series, Negotiating Space, is an experiment in feminist media and storytelling, focusing on facilitating narratives from marginalized communities. The idea was born from Nicole’s desire to use media as a means to make feminist ideas and dialogue accessible to everyone. 

Nicole says:

"I wanted to create this project because I felt like I was in a position to help the voices of others be heard. I had no experience with journalism or audio engineering, but I did not feel like that was the important part. The important part was making space for feminist scholarship and lived experiences to meet. The series is rooted in feminist research methods, especially the concept of giving subjects the agency of their own voice. Each episode I work closely with my guests to ensure their message is not lost or altered during editing. You don’t have to be a feminist to appreciate this work. What I hope people gain from listening is the desire to bridge communities and gain perspective from a position other than their own. Technology has given the world a great opportunity to be connected, and I think it is imperative for allies, activists, and knowledge-seekers to take advantage of this.

"The funding I received from the Community and Global Stewards Fellowship has allowed me to devote more time to the podcast and purchase audio equipment and software that ensures higher production quality. Without the funding from this award Negotiating Space would not have been possible. I am so grateful to Loyola University Chicago, especially the Women’s Studies Gender Studies program for giving me an opportunity to pursue this. Sometimes taking on a new venture is frightening, but the faculty, my classmates and friends have been incredibly supportive and I could not have asked for a better working environment. Single-handedly creating, managing, and promoting Negotiating Space is time-consuming and demanding, but it is a labor of love that I plan to continue after graduation."

 You can connect with Negotiating Space on Twitter, @NegotiateSpace, read the blog and listen to episodes at http://negotiatingspace.tumblr.com, and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NegotiatingSpace.