Loyola University Chicago

The Graduate School

Summer 2012 Research Mentoring Projects

NOTE: This is a list of the Graduate Student Projects from 2012. Projects for 2013 will be listed soon. You may use this list to give yourself an idea of previous projects that have been sponsored in the past.

Nisha Barretto: Cell and Molecular Biochemistry - LUMC

Sophia Rodriguez: CEPS

Daniel Kissel: Chemistry

Brittni Qualizza: Chemistry

Amanda Ward: Clinical Psychology

Megan Mull-Polanin: Counseling Psychology

Nancy Wyss: Developmental Psychology

Devon Wallace: English

Peter Kotowski: History

Andrew Kilianski: Micro and Immunobiology - LUMC

Valerie Ray: Microbiology - LUMC

Andrew Volk: Molecular Biology - LUMC

Christina Drogalis: Philosophy

Stephanie Grunewald: School Psychology

Jennifer Smith: Social Psychology

Dana Wagner: Social Psychology

Cecelia Quinn: Social Work

Diana Guelespe: Sociology