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Loyola University Chicago Health, Safety, and Well-Being Update
Resources, Policies, and Procedures for the Loyola Community
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Public Transportation

We recognize that many students, faculty, and staff rely on public transportation to commute to Loyola. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is in phase 5 of their “Return to CTA” plan. The CTA has implemented a rigorous cleaning regimen on all of their buses and trains. Riders are required to wear masks at all times, practice social distancing, and refrain from boarding crowded trains/buses. 

If public transportation is necessary for someone to get to campus, there are safety precautions a person should take during and after riding on a bus or train. The CTA has put together a list of policies and safety tips for riders to follow when using their services. All riders are required (per state order) to wear face coverings when on a CTA bus or train, to touch as few surfaces as possible, and to practice social distancing. 

Loyola community members who use public transportation to commute to and from campus can play an important part in protecting the campus community by taking safety precautions. Commuters who arrive on any Loyola campus should practice social distancing and immediately wash their hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer before touching common surfaces or entryways. These actions demonstrate care for the Loyola community and can help reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread. 

For more CTA policies and commuter tips, as well as information on how the CTA has implemented enhanced cleaning procedures to keep riders and employees safe, please visit www.transitchicago.com/coronavirus/#tips  

For those commuting from the Chicagoland suburbs via Metra, please read Metra’s Response to the COVID-19 Crisis for safety tips and policies at www.metrarail.com/coronavirus.  

For general information on public transportation safety during COVID-19, including safety tips for rideshare vehicles, view the CDC website’s public transit information at cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/using-transportation.html. 

Personal Travel

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Loyola has prioritized the health, safety, and well-being of our entire community. Out of an abundance of care and concern for our wider community, nation, and world, we are advising Loyola students, faculty, and staff who are NOT vaccinated against COVID-19 to either refrain from or limit non-essential travel. Personal travel increases one’s risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. If you are not vaccinated, the best way to protect yourself and others is to stay home with your immediate household or visit with family virtually. If someone who is unvaccinated needs to travel outside of their community, they should follow the CDC’s travel guidelines for unvaccinated individuals.

Fully vaccinated students, faculty, and staff can plan to engage in domestic and international travel, using caution and following health safety protocols to prevent the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. If you decide to travel, stay up to date with the CDC’s current travel guidelines. If you are planning to travel outside of the country, please follow the CDC guidelines for international travel

The CDC encourages fully vaccinated individuals to still practice safety behaviors such as wearing a mask, social distancing, and handwashing. Travelers who are flying are required to wear masks in the airport and during their flight. Masks are also required on buses and trains for many state and city public transportation systems, including Chicago. Different cities and states may also have different requirements for travelers, even if you are fully vaccinated. Make sure you understand and can comply with the guidelines for the state you are visiting.  

If traveling in and out of Chicago, compliance with Chicago’s Emergency Travel Order, which is regularly updated, is requested. Fully vaccinated and asymptomatic residents returning from a domestic trip are not required to quarantine upon their return home.  

Please consider the potential risks and take protective measures before, during, and after your trip. Research COVID-19 trends in that city and/or state before confirming travel plans. If COVID-19 is spreading near your travel destination or in the area in which you currently reside, the CDC advises travelers to postpone their plans. This situation is very fluid; states may decide to enact mandatory travel restrictions like a quarantine period for travelers. 

If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, follow CDC guidance and contact your health care provider, isolate at home, and cancel any travel plans.  

It is also important to consider the health of your travel companions and those you are visiting. Especially if any of these people fall into a high-risk group, you should rethink travel at this time. All transportation methods—air travel, personal vehicle, train, etc.—present different types of risk. The CDC has information on travel considerations that can help you take measures to protect yourself and others, including information on lodging considerations. When you are traveling, practice health safety behaviors that reduce the transmission of COVID-19 like wearing face coverings, frequently washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and keeping six feet or more from other travelers. 

If you do plan to travel in the coming weeks, please weigh the pros and cons and postpone your plans if the trip could potentially endanger yourself or others.  

Regardless of your travel plans, please continue to follow the health and safety protocols outlined on the Health, Safety, and Well-Being website and follow the recommended CDC guidance. 

Campus Transportation

Loyola continues to operate its intercampus shuttle and 8-Ride programs, with some adjustments to service and proceduces. Please visit the Campus Transportation site for schedules and additional information on these services, as well as information regarding on-campus parking. 

University Travel

With the ongoing concern for international and domestic travel amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Loyola has put in place some restrictions on University-sponsored travel. For the latest information, please see the Campus Operations Information grid on the Health, Safety, and Well-Being Update site. 

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