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Alumni Survey

The Department of History is interested in learning if and how majoring in History at Loyola University Chicago influenced you during and after your undergraduate experience.  This is our first survey since 1994, and that one was very successful, with over 700 respondents.  The survey will be open from April 13 to May 13.  Please click on the following link to take it: Alumni Survey

Career Services and Classes for Alumni 

The Career Center offers help to Loyola alumni who are on the job market or transitioning to a new career.  You can find a list of their services for alumni at http://www.luc.edu/career/alumni.shtml .  The Associate Director, Camille Helkowski, has extensive experience assisting history majors and may be contacted directly for an appointment: chelkow@luc.edu

A Job Club at the WTC campus assists unemployed, experienced (not 2009 grads) alumni.  The Career Center will be starting another one during the summer, 2009.  Interested alumni should contact Donnell Turner at dturne5@luc.edu for more information.

Job Search Boot Camp, Wed. May 13, 2009, Loyola University of Chicago, Lake Shore Campus. This free event is designed for Loyola students who are graduating in 2009, who need help with their job search.   Boot Camp will feature workshops on resume writing, interviewing, job search, networking, mock interviews with employers and more.  Only 30 graduates will be accepted, so register soon!  To register, you must provide the Career Development Center with the following: your name, major, career interests, e-mail address, and cell-phone number, a rough draft copy of your resume, $20 deposit (which will be refunded when you complete the Boot Camp).  For more information, e-mail or call the Career Development Center at: 773.508.7716

Events of Interest to Alumni in the Chicago Area

Susan Pearson, Northwestern University, will present "'The Dove has Claws': Anticruelty Reform and Masculine Sentimentalism in Gilded Age America" on May 15th at 3pm at the Newberry Library.  Dr. Gilfoyle will serve as commentator.

May 14 or 15, 2009, “Mapping Illinois Communities Workshop: An Introduction to GIS & Community Analysis.” Participants will learn to use ArcGIS 9.3 to do the following: Create thematic maps and display spatial trends in information; map addresses (geocoding) of their clients, their projects or incidents such as crime and disease; download and map Census & American Community Survey Data such as poverty, race, language, population, transportation, education and workforce characteristics; conduct spatial queries; download free shapefiles; and create well-designed maps.  Exercises are designed for beginners. Intermediate Excel skills required.   More Info/Registration: http://www.nur-online.com/ .