Loyola University Chicago

Department of History

Honor Societies, History Graduate Student Association, and History Club 2020

Spring is a time for change! This spring, the History Graduate Student Association (HGSA) and the History Club both held elections for new officers. In addition, there are new members who will be inducted into Phi Alpha Theta and Alpha Sigma Nu.  


Phi Alpha Theta 


History Majors 


Dylan Batton 

Victoria Blinn

Melissa Cwan 

Stephen DeCaluwe 

Sarah Eden 

Gabriella Gardziola 

Daniel Hauser 

Kathleen Koehnke 

Madeline Lawler

Matthew Lewis 

Veronica Materna 

Kristin Morrison 

Matthew Porter

Maggie Reid 

Shelbi Shultz 

Carly Stauss 

Ryan Tims 

Nwakaego Ugwuanyi 

Matthew Walcutt 

Cynthia Wynn 

Casey Yacullo

Ailis Yeager 

Morgan Zygmunt 


History Minors


Chelsea Divins 

Caroline Lowenberg 

Morgan Minow 

Anna Sherwood 

Margaret Swietkowski

Alpha Sigma Nu 


Emily Davis

Cate LiaBraaten 

Elias Crum 

Jacob McAloon 

Meghan Olson 

Lillian Spikings 


History Graduate Student Association’s Officers: 


President Scarlett Andes, MA Public History

Vice President Rachel Madden, Ph.D. Public History/American History

Treasurer Casey Terry, MA Public History

Secretary Miranda Ridener, MA Public History

Media Coordinator Ve'Amber Miller, MA Public History

Conference Committee Co-Chair Erin Witt, Dual MLIS/MA Public History 


History Club Officers 


President Aliya Patel

Vice President Lily-Cate Gunther-Canada

Treasurer Emily Van Cleave



Congratulations to all new officers and members!


11 May 2020