Loyola University Chicago

Department of History

Summer Graduate Interns Promote Research and Access

Graduate student interns are engaged in a variety of activities that collect new materials, make information available to a variety of audiences, and help tell new stories to the public. At the Chippewa Valley Museum in Eau Claire, WI, Hannah Lahti is working on two projects.  She is part of the Chippewa Valley COVID-19 Archives Project sponsored by the Museum and the Public History Program and University Archives at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  Additionally, she is also working on a Clio Tour project for the Museum, Historic Downtown Eau Claire Walking Tour.  The tour will exhibit the historic and contemporary significance of Eau Claire’s downtown area as a site of community gathering, labor, culture, and public space.  Hannah is also working with the Frances Willard House Museum and Archives, researching Willard’s early journals to share the diaries and their meaning with a variety of audiences. Miranda Ridener is honing her exhibit skills at the National Railroad Museum.  Her main project is the development of a 2021 exhibition entitled Signs, Symbols, and Signals of the Railroad. Ve’Amber Miller is managing and growing the Pullman National Monument’s oral history project initiative.  This project aims to collect stories and memories of residents and those who have been integral to the community’s growth and history.  Nathan Ellstrand is juggling three projects this summer.  He is inputting metadata related to digitized material from the Felix S. Cohen Papers at Yale University’s Beinecke Library for Dr. Holly Guise.   He is also working on the Proyecto Solidaridad: Mapa de Esperanza.  He is conducting research on immigrant-inclusive communities and organizations in the United States and Mexico for a future website. Finally, Nathan is helping the Chicago Jewish Historical Society make oral histories of members of Chicago’s Jewish community accessible to researchers.


24 July 2020