Loyola University Chicago

Department of History

Current History Graduate Students

(Updated 1/2/2019)

PhD Candidates

United States

John Kelleher
Dissertation:"The Entrepreneur as Hero:  Peter V. Ueberroth and Rise of Neoliberalism in the Reagan Era"
Advisor: Dr. Christopher Manning

Nicole Perez
Dissertation: "The Audacity to Dream": Black Suburbanization in Metropolitan Detroit, 1920–1990
Advisor: Dr. Michelle Nickerson

Matthew Sawicki
Dissertation: "The Flower of the Army:" Illinois Volunteers in the U.S.-Mexican War
Advisor: Dr. Theodore Karmanski


Public History and United States History

Chelsea Denault
Dissertation: "We All Live Downwind:" Trash, Technology, and "Terrorism" in Detroit, 1973-1989
Advisor: Dr. Elliot Gorn

William Ippen
Dissertation:"Threads that Bind: Cotton, Unfree Labor, and the Ecology of Capitalism"
Advisor: Drs. Theodore Karamanski & Harold Platt

Katherine Macica
Dissertation: "Environments of War: The Pacific Northwest and the Waging of World War II"
Advisor: Dr. Patricia Mooney-Melvin

Meagan McChesney
Dissertation: "Exhibiting Sovereignty: Tribal Museums in Great Lakes Region, 1975-2010"
Advisor: Dr. Theodore Karamanski

Ruby Oram
Dissertation: "They Taught Us To Be Ladies": Vocational Education for Girls in Chicago, 1880-1930
Advisor: Dr. Timothy Gilfoyle

Kelly Schmidt
Dissertation: "We heard sometimes their earnest desire to be free in a free country": Enslaved People, Jesuit Masters, and Negotiations for Freedom on American Borderlands, 1823-1907
Advisor: Dr. Kyle Roberts

Hope Shannon
Dissertation: "Mobilizing the Past: Local History and Community Action in Metropolitan Chicago, 1960-1980"
Advisor: Dr. Patricia Mooney-Melvin

Joshua Wachuta
Dissertation: "Trading Fortunes: Settler Capitalism and American Indians on the Upper Mississippi, 1816-1890"
Advisor: Dr. Theodore Karamanski

Sebastian Wuepper
Dissertation: "Reams, Revolutionaries and Radicals - The German American Milieu in Chicago, 1847-1890"
Advisor: Dr. Timothy Gilfoyle


PhD Degree Students

United States

Public History and United States History

MA Students

Medieval and Renaissance

  • Melissa Imburgia
  • Kyle Newman

United States

  • Kyle Banks
  • Kristin Jacobsen
  • Molly Kettler
  • Matthew Labbe
  • Winfred Lawrence
  • Allison Page
  • Keegan Sims
  • Davis Stubblefield
  • Weldon Terrill

Public History

Public History Dual-Degree MA/MLIS

  • Bianca Barcenas
  • Tara Cajacob
  • Ariel Medoff
  • Emily Muszynski
  • Molly Sampson
  • Jill Walker

Non-Degree Seeking Students

  • Joseph Karamanski

BA/MA Students

  • Noah Beissel