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Final Spring Capstone Seminar Set for April 28

Final Spring Capstone Seminar Set for April 28

On Monday, April 28, the History Department will celebrate the final meeting of the spring undergraduate capstone seminar from 2:45 to 5:15 at the Aruppe House Jesuit Community (1030 W. Loyola Ave.). Over refreshments, six students will present their work:


Session 1 – Origins and Identities:  Loyola’s Controversial Medical School and the Not-So-Pan American Union

Miguel Angel Lopez-Campos, “Rise of Loyola University:  Expansion into Medical Education from 1908-1922”

Jazmin Bejarano, “The Struggle for True Pan-Americanism”


Session 2 – Myth and History: From the Authentic Genius of Leonardo to the Purported Mysteries of the Templars

Syremba Kendall, “The Hidden Symbolism and Interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper

Richard Maloney, “The Knights Templar: Crafting a Story”


Session 3 – Texts and Meanings: The Prophet in His Hadith and the Bolsheviks in Their Diaries

Megan Meagher, “Ḥadīth and Its Making of the Prophet: Unraveling the Logic of Legitimacy through Hermeneutics”

Kevin Pastores, “Survival of High-Ranking Party Officials in Stalin’s Soviet Union”