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"Absentee Authority in Late Medieval Iceland" on October 7

"Absentee Authority in Late Medieval Iceland" on October 7

In his paper, "Absentee Authority in Late Medieval Iceland," Hans-Jacob Orning considers late-Medieval Icelandic politics and manuscripts. He uses a manuscript consisting of 15 legendary sagas/romances from a farm in Northern Iceland around 1450 C.E. as a starting point to investigate how the people there thought about magic, geography, and social order.

In his presentation, Orning will give a brief overview of the historical context (Iceland and Scandinavia in the Late Middle Ages) and discuss how manuscripts have been used in New Philology and how historians can gain insights from this approach.

This presentation will take place on Wednesday, October 7 from 3 to 5 PM at Granada Center West Conference room (second floor).

Faculty and students are welcome to attend.