Loyola University Chicago

Department of History


Global Awareness 2007 - 2008

We have continued to expand the geographical breadth of our faculty and course offerings. In Fall 2007, we added another three new history courses in Chinese History at the Beijing Campus and, this October, the Beijing campus will host a major historical conference on foreigners in the Qing Court: “Interaction and Exchange at Court: Westerners and the Qing (1644-1911)". Professor Kim Searcy co-taught the undergraduate seminar at the Newberry Library in Spring 2008 on “Islam and the West: European and American Views of the Muslim World, 1450-1900.” In the Spring 2008, we conducted a job search to hire a permanent faculty member in Eastern Europe and New Assistant Professor Edin Hajdarpasic will be joining us as our Modern Eastern Europeanist as of January 1, 2009. In 2007, Dr. John Pincince, FT NTT, was hired to teach the history of South Asia, thus complementing the expertise and offerings of Sr. Ann Harrington (Japan) and Dr. Mark Allee (China). Dr. John Donoghue, FT TT, was hired to teach Colonial U.S.; his cross-Atlantic expertise enhances our department’s contribution to global awareness especially in the area of Atlantic Studies. Because of these new course offerings and new faculty, the History Department has been a vital participant in the establishment of several new area studies programs-- including Islamic World Studies and the Polish Studies Minor programs --as well as the existing interdisciplinary programs of Global and International Studies, Latin American Studies, African Studies and the African Diaspora, and Medieval Studies.