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History Honors Students Present Original Research on December 6th

History Honors Students Present Original Research on December 6th

Students in the history honors program will present their semester-long research projects in three panels on Tuesday, December 6th, from 2:30-5pm in Regis Hall.


Panel 1 
Outside the Mainstream: The Construction of Alternative Communities in Early Twentieth Century Chicago 

Bianca Barcenas, “Dismantling Chicago's Red-Light Community: The Levee Shutdown of 1912 and its Moralist Takeover”

Shannon Koelsch, “The Fair of Freaks, The Union of Eccentrics: Politics and Chicago's Dil Pickle Club”

Wyatt Miller, “No Regard for Musical Ethics: Uplift Ideology and Blues Music in the Chicago Defender”

Commentator: Professor Tim Gilfoyle


Panel 2 
Interpreting the Past: Memory, Violence, and Civilization

Michael Coffey, “Ideology and Archeology: Creating Narratives about Neolithic Societies”

Michelle King, “The Function of Remembrance: American Soldiers and the Liberation of Nazi Camps”     

Maggie Miller, “History Wars: The Politicization of the American Past under Reagan“

Andrew Kallgren, “The No Longer Silent Majority: How Public Support for the Military Found its Voice Under Reagan”  

Commentator: Professor Elizabeth Fraterrigo


Panel 3 
Making the Self and the Other: Race, Religion, and Gender in the Construction of Collective Identities 

Zach Ludwig, “Methods and Consequences: Gender Construction by Western Missionaries in China”

Jodie Casleton “Catholicism, Celts, and Clans: Anti-Jacobite Propaganda in Early Modern England”

Noah Beissel “Commodities Cannot Revolt: The reactionary continuation of African commodification in Jamaica”

Commentator: Professor John Pincince


Panels are followed by a catered reception which all are invited to attend!