Loyola University Chicago

Department of History


American History/Public History Graduate Students Found Public History Consulting Business

Dr. Rachel Boyle and Hope Shannon had the idea for a public history consulting business over coffee on July 10, 2017. Both realized with similar visions, compatible skills, and work styles that they would make a great team. Rachel and Hope also understood the need in public history for community collaboration and promoting social change. With this in mind, the two started Omnia History which is “grounded in the idea that cultural work should benefit people in tangible ways and serve a larger social purpose.”

Omnia History provides services to small cultural organizations which emphasize community engagement. Omnia History tailors their services for each organization in various ways like organizational assessments, constituent relationship management, or historical interpretation. Rachel and Hope especially enjoy working with “groups that are eager to re-imagine cultural work and reevaluate the roles they play in their communities.” To learn more about Omnia History and Rachel and Hope’s work visit their website.