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Student Exhibition Explores Campus Activism in the 1980s

Student Exhibition Explores Campus Activism in the 1980s

“Voices in Solidarity with Central America: Campus Activism in the 1980s” examines the varied ways Loyola students, faculty, and staff responded to U.S. government aid to Central America’s militaries during the civil wars in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala.  

Created by undergraduates in Professor Dina Berger's Cold War in the Americas seminar (HIST 300), the exhibit is based upon original research from collections in the University Archives and focuses on campus organizations, classroom-related activities, and campus events to illustrate how Loyola’s campus was a place for intense debate and activism in the last decade of the Cold War.

The exhibition will be on display on the first floor of Cudahy Library.  It officially opens on Thursday, December 5th, at 3 pm, and runs through March 9, 2014.

Check back in a few weeks for a story on the students who created the exhibition.