Loyola University Chicago

Interdisciplinary Honors Program

Study Abroad

Honors students are strongly encouraged to study abroad.  Most students spend a semester studying in a foreign country during their Junior year, although it is not unusual to study abroad during Sophomore or Senior year. It is not uncommon for some of our students to spend a full academic year abroad.

For more information on studying aboard visit Study Abroad Office.

John Felice Rome Center

Study aboard in the Eternal City for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. For almost sixty years, the John Felice Rome Center (JFRC) has established itself as Italy's premier study-aboard program. Over 200 students from dozens of universities across the United States come here each semester seeking a full-immersion learning experience that promises to energize, enrich and expand their horizons. The Rome Center is an actual campus and academic center of Loyola University Chicago, it is fully accredited, and credits earned are easily transferable to other American universities. To learn more about the John Felice Rome Center, please email Rome@luc.edu.

Vietnam Center

Learn more about the exciting opporunity to study in Southeast Asia, an emerging region full of life and adventure. Immerse yourself in the exciting academic, cultural and personal experiences that you will find in an incredibly safe and vibrant Ho Chi Minh City. Studying at the Vietnam Center gives you the unique opportunity to explore topics in business, history, politics and development, environmental studies, sociology, and many more through a Southeast Asian lens. If you are looking for an adventure with the familiarity of an American university, look no further than studying aboard with the Vietnam Center

Washington, DC

Take Loyola classes while you live and intern in our Nation's Capital. Loyola's Washington, DC, internship program is a unique opportunity for students to earn academic credit while having a professional work experience. You need to be a junior or senior during your semester in Washington, but you may apply to the program during your sophomore year. To learn more visit LUC in DC