Loyola University Chicago

Interdisciplinary Honors Program

Tommy Jorgensen

Tommy Jorgensen has a BS in Biophysics and his current profession is bartending: 

"I liked a lot about Loyola: the campus, the location in Chicago, the teachers I had. I appreciated and enjoyed the Honors Program. The first two semesters, though they receive countless complaints for their difficulty, serve as a well crafted entryway to the history and philosophy of Western thought. I thoroughly enjoyed them. Living in Campion, I was surrounded by highly motivated but drastically different personalities. The conversations were always engaging and I wouldn't be able to count the number of spontaneous musical jam sessions that broke out in the lounges. Some of my closest friends I have today I made in Campion, and that was over five years ago. It's hard not to miss sometimes. Following that first year, it becomes clear that Dr. Katz has recruited the best professors in the school, if not the country, to teach the upper level honors courses. Dr. Sholar, Dr. Whidden, Dr. Malm, and Dr. Keller are some of the most brilliant, inspirational teachers I've had, and I'm still in contact with them today.

Though I'd have to say, the best part of Loyola for me, was being a member of the rugby team. Those guys are like a family to me, and being a part of the team was the most fun, fulfilling part of my college career."

Thomas Jorgensen has been placed in the Peace Corps to work in the health sector. He departs for Guinea on December 1st. After his time over seas, he plans to attend medical school.