Loyola University Chicago

Interdisciplinary Honors Program


Current High School Students

The Interdisciplinary Honors Program admits academically high-achieving students who demonstrate maturity, responsibility, and leadership.  Highly qualified students who have been admitted to Loyola with a GPA of at least 3.50 and an ACT Composite test score of at least 29 (or SAT combined score of 1330) are invited to apply to the program.


Current Loyola Students

Students may also be admitted to the program beginning in the second semester of their Freshman year or the first semester of their Sophomore year.  No application is required. 

Admission requirements include:

  • Completion of 15 credit hours and a minimum GPA of 3.67 for second semester Freshmen


  • Completion of 30 credit hours and a minimum GPA of 3.67 for first semester Sophomores.

Interested students should call First and Second Year Advising to schedule with the first available Honors Academic Advisor, Amanda, Carrie, or Katie. This meeting should occur during the first semester if they intend to apply to begin in the second semester of the First year or during the second semester if they intend to apply to begin in the first semester of the Sophomore Year.

After completing the semester, students must email their final cumulative GPA to Dr. Katz directly at ckatz@luc.edu. If accepted, students will work with the Honors Academic Advisors to make academically necessary schedule changes. 

All interested students must have met with an Honors Academic Advisor and sent their final GPAs to Dr. Katz by the following dates:

  • January 5 - to begin in second semester of First year
  • June 1 - to begin in first semester of Sophomore year