Loyola University Chicago

Interdisciplinary Honors Program

Current Student and Alumni Testimonials

"Being part of the Interdisciplinary Honors Program has definitely shaped my academic life at Loyola. I have had the opportunity to take classes with incredible professors that I would not have ever met and to choose from interesting and engaging courses outside of my field of study. But the Honors Program has also added to my life outside of my academics. I met my best friends through this program and have the opportunity to share honors classes, study sessions, and honors projects with them."

 - Martha Hawkinson, Spanish and Psychology Majors; Class of 2014

“I am a fan of the Honors Program - I never would have read Nietzsche or Hobbes if it weren’t for Honors. I was asked about the Honors Program in medical school interviews and I spoke about how it made me a more well-rounded student.”

Michelle Leahy, Spanish major, Class of 2011; Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine, Class of 2015

"The Honors Program allowed me to take humanities classes that were not required by- but complemented- my major. In fact, they would complement any major. In further fact, my fellow Honors students really cared about the material we were reading and wanted to discuss it, in and outside of class."

- Peter Kobak, Political Science Major; Class of 2013

 “There is an emphasis on well-roundedness in medical school admissions. I felt like the Honors Program helped set me apart.”

- Jim Dunneback, Biology major, Class of 2011; Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine, Class of 2015

"The Honors Program has been one of my most rewarding experiences at Loyola. The courses were my favorites each semester, and the freshman seminar truly revolutionized the way I think. Please thank the entire Honors staff for such an academically challenging, stimulating, and enlightening program."

Emily BarryPolitical Science Major; Class of 2013

"It has been an incredible educational experience.  In a perfect world, every single college course would be like the ones in this program.  They truly are interdisciplinary and often come together in amazing ways (history + Lenny Bruce + law studies + Ted Bundy = The U.S. Experience, for example).

Obviously, all of the professors have been passionate and intelligent, thanks to you.  However,  it is the students which have blown me away.  By senior year, I assure you that I could learn as much by sitting in a discussion-based Honors course than by reading any academic publication.  The minds of my peers in this program have truly impressed me.

Throughout, the way I write, read, and think has been completely transformed.  It even goes beyond novels - I can hardly watch a Fast & Furious movie without considering the overarching themes, trustworthiness of the narrator, historical and social context, and other such things. 

Thank you for everything.  Please keep up the good work!"

-Joe Antonini, Business Major; Class of 2015