Loyola University Chicago

Interdisciplinary Honors Program

Benefits of Honors

The rigor and challenge of the Honors Program has led some students to ask about its advantages.  Below are some benefits of the Program as noted by current students and alumni of the Program:

  • A marked improvement in analytical, writing, and critical thinking skills
  • Courses stress interdisciplinary approaches and study
  • Preparation for graduate level work
  • Becoming well-rounded, culturally literate individuals
  • Small class sizes that encourage relationships between students and faculty
  • Vibrant community of students with a wide variety of academic interests
  • Priority registration status

Current Student and Alumni Testimonials

"I am majoring in Molecular Biology with a minor in Neuroscience. Students in the honors program take rigorous courses alongside one another, fostering an environment for positive friendships. Connections are built upon a common mission towards success. In essence, you’ll make friends for life. I also enjoy the relationships students build with professors; honors students foster interpersonal connections amongst professors at a higher level of quality, giving them a higher level of understanding."

- Valmik Patel, Class of 2016


"I am a Biology and English major. Honor students work together with professors in small, stimulating, classes. The greatest benefit of honors was and is the relationships you form with faculty and friends. Beyond gaining new friends and expanding my knowledge, the Honors program has exceeded my expectations. There really is no way to articulate the benefits of the honors program except to say that you enter hoping to gain an intellectual experience, but you leave with so much more."

- Emily Marogi, Class of 2017

"I am majoring in Communication, wanted a challenge—and I found it in the Interdisciplinary Honors Program. Looking back, I appreciate having the opportunity to sharpen my critical thinking skills, discussing texts that were classics, written by some of the greatest and studied by intellectuals before us. I also found that being around such talented classmates was a great motivator. Being a part of a large group of driven students has inspired me to seek learning opportunities wherever I go. The Honors Program is full of intelligent, determined students that want to better themselves by way of knowledge.”

- Breana Drozd, Class of 2016

"I am majoring in Economics with a minor in Political Science. The Honors program establishes an academic foundation that encourages students to apply classroom knowledge to real-world topics. The lessons transcended academics. I was asked to consider issues that remain important today. In addition, the program reinforces and builds on foundational knowledge, creating a holistic depth in whatever field you pursue. The skills I learned my first year—are continually reinforced and strengthened. The Interdisciplinary Honors Program at Loyola University Chicago taught me the skills necessary to read, write, and think critically.