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Newberry Library Undergraduate Seminar: The Newberry Library Undergraduate Seminar (NLUS) offers Chicago-area undergraduates a semester-long humanities seminar each year from January to May. The seminar carries the credit of two courses and involves common reading assignments, research in the Newberry’s core collections, and a major research paper. Seminars are team-taught and topics vary from year to year. Each class is limited to twenty participants, who are assigned individual study areas and are encouraged to work closely with Newberry staff.

Honors students who receive a grade of B or higher in the Newberry seminar have one program requirement (i.e., one course or 3 credits) waived. For example, the Program Director would waive the "US Experience" requirement if you completed the 2023 Newberry seminar on "Inventing Mexico: Maps, Manuscripts, and Materiality, 1521-1921". Students wishing to the satisfy an honors requirement by taking the Newberry seminar should contact the Honors Program Director, Prof. Strain (vstrain@luc.edu). To apply to the seminar, contact Loyola's Newberry representative, Prof. Shermer (eshermer@luc.edu).