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2019 Open Enrollment

Human Resources is excited to share information regarding Benefits Open Enrollment for 2019. The Open Enrollment period this year is November 1- 21, 2018. Beginning November 1, Open Enrollment is your annual opportunity to review and make changes to your benefit choices based on your personal and family needs for the coming year. We encourage you to thoroughly review the information and resources on this page over the next few weeks so that you are prepared to make informed decisions when selecting your 2019 benefits.
How to complete your Open Enrollment November 1-21
Open Enrollment is a paperless process. Faculty and staff members are strongly encouraged to go through Open Enrollment to review benefits and certify their spouse and tobacco certifications via Employee Self-Service by November 21, 2018; users must be connected to Loyola’s network, either on campus or via Loyola Secure Access (LSA) to gain access. For your reference, Employee Self-Service works best in Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.
Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) - Medical Plans for Coverage 01/01/2019
Benefit Information Sessions
During the month of October, we invite you to attend Information Sessions on your 2019 benefits changes. These meetings will include more details about the Paid Time-Off policy revisions, as well as all the informative details for Benefits Open Enrollment 2019. We look forward to your attendance at a session. View this printer-friendly Benefit guide for session dates.
Biometric Screenings and Health Power Assessments
The biometric screening and Health Power Assessment is required for lower wellness premiums. Your spouse or legally domiciled adult (LDA) is also required to complete both in order to receive the lower premium. Additional details are available through the "Biometric Screenings and Health Power Assessment" expander located at the bottom of this page.
What's New For 2019?
  • New Medical Plan Option: Beginning January 1, 2019, Loyola will introduce the new PPO 3 HSA Medical Plan Option. This plan includes:
    • Lower monthly premiums;
    • A Health Savings Account (HSA) so that you can receive incentive money from Loyola in 2019;
    • Ability to contribute money on a pretax basis to your HSA (this money can be used for eligible health care expenses incurred during the calendar year, or saved for future health care expenses);
    • Critical Illness and Accident Insurance employee coverage.
To learn about other new offerings in 2019, please click here.
Continued in 2019
  • Wellness Incentive - Medical plan participants, including covered spouses/legally domiciled adults, will be required to participate in the biometric screening and complete the Health Power Assessment in order to receive a $50 per month health insurance premium reduction.
  • Spousal Premium -If you have a spouse/LDA on a Loyola medical plan, you will automatically be assessed an additional $100 monthly spousal premium. However, you can avoid the premium by completing the online certification through Employee Self-Service (ESS) Annual Enrollment.
  • Tobacco Premium- Faculty and Staff enrolled in the medical plan who have used tobacco products in the last three months, will incur a $50 per month charge on your medical premium. You can avoid the premium by completing the online certification through Employee Self-Service Open Enrollment.
The Human Resources Benefits staff is available to assist you with your benefit-related questions. We are happy to assist you in making selections and/or changes throughout our annual Open Enrollment.
Revised: November 14, 2018
Below, you will find the steps you need to take in order to complete your open enrollment for 2019.

1. Complete your Health Power Assessment and Biometric Screening.
  • You and covered spouse/LDA are required to complete both in order to receive a $50/month reduction in medical premiums.
  • For more details, please click on expander below.
2. Access Employee Self-Service (ESS) while on Loyola’s network using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. To access the network off-campus, please visit Loyola Secure Access (LSA).
  • Login using your UVID and Password.
  • Click on Bookmarks > Employee Self-Service > Benefits > Annual Enrollment.
  • If you are adding a dependent, please be sure to upload supporting documents as you complete benefit enrollment.
  • Within Open Enrollment you will complete your Spousal/LDA premium and Tobacco Attestation Forms.
  • *New this year* Make your 2019 elections for Health Care and Dependent Care FSA within the open enrollment module. Please note that prior year’s elections DO NOT roll over.
  • Once completed, print a copy of your benefit elections for your records.
3. Complete an Evidence of Insurability Form.
  • If you made additions or changes to your Employee or Spouse Supplemental Life Insurance, please complete and submit an Evidence of Insurability Form. 
4. Transit Elections – To review and/or change your current transit elections, please visit Benefit Express at Loyolaexpress.com.

5. Review 403(b) Contributions – To review or make changes to your 403b, please contact Transamerica at 773-508-2770 or visit luc.trsretire.com.

6. Pet Insurance – To apply for Pet Insurance, please contact Nationwide at 877-738-7874. Premiums are paid directly to the insurer.
7. Long Term Care – To apply for Long-Term Care Insurance, please contact LifeSecure at 855-568-6236 or visit https://www.groupltci.com/luc/. Please note: Premiums are paid directly to the insurer.
Our annual Benefit Fairs and Information Sessions are coming soon! Benefit vendor representatives will be on-site to answer your questions. The fairs will include:
  • *Flu shots (Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses only);
  • Biometric screenings;
  • And vendor activities.
Please view the printer-friendly Benefit Fair, Information Session, Biometric Screening & Free Flu Shot Dates guide:

* More on Free Flu Shots

During the lakeside screenings, all faculty and staff are invited to walk in and receive flu shots; no appointment is necessary.  Please note that flu shots are required at the Health Sciences Campus, and details about on-campus vaccinations can be found here.

If you cannot make it on-campus for your flu shot please remember that if you are enrolled in our Blue Cross Blue Shield medical insurance, Flu shots are available for members at no out-of-pocket cost at any in-network provider office or in-network clinic. Be sure to confirm the pharmacy accepts your Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage before you get your vaccine.

Revised: August 27, 2018

Biometric Screenings & Health Power Assessment
Medical plan participants, including covered spouses/legally domiciled adults, will be required to participate in the biometric screening and complete the Health Power Assessment (HPA) in order to receive a $50-per-month health insurance premium reduction. The screening must be completed by December 7, 2018.

Free biometric screenings through Health Maintenance Institute are available at each campus during Open Enrollment Benefit Fairs and other select days. Employees and covered spouses or legally domiciled adults will have the option to have their screenings performed off-site at a conveniently located Quest Diagnostic lab, or they may submit biometric screening results taken in 2018 by their doctors or a certified facility.
Step 1. Complete the REQUIRED Health Power Assessment
  • Health Maintenance Websitewww.myhmihealth.com
  • Returning Users: Please log in with the same username and password you created
  • New Users: Please select "Register Account" ...and complete required fields. The site code is L773. 
*Spouse/LDA will have to create their own account to complete the HPA
If you have trouble accessing the HMI portal or resetting your password please contact HMI directly at 847-635-6580.
Step 2. Complete the REQUIRED Biometric Screening (three ways for you to complete the screening)
  •  To complete an On-Campus Biometric Screening, schedule an appointment online at www.myhmihealth.com
  •  To complete your Biometric Screening at a Quest Diagnostics Lab, please complete and submit the Quest Diagnostics Screening Form 2018 to HMI by December 5, 2018 to receive your lab order.
  •  To complete your Biometric Screening at your Health Care Provider, please complete the Health Provider Screening Form 2018 in its entirety and submit to HMI by December 7, 2018.

Biometric HMI Privacy Statement

Information Session and Benefit Fair Guide 
View our printer-friendly Information Session and Benefit Fair guide below to learn more about meeting dates, times, and locations:

Revised: September 19, 2018

Beginning the week of August 1 thru the week of November 21, a number of university communications regarding 2019's Benefits Open Enrollment are scheduled for distribution via various university approved communication channels, including:
  • Save the Date Post Card
  • LUC.EDU/hr
  • HR e-newsletter(s)
  • Inside Loyola
  • Digital Screens
  • HSD e-newsletter(s)
  • University Calendar
  • HR Calendar
  • Targeted notifications (i.e. Medical Plan Participants)
  • HSD Exchange Information sessions
Open Enrollment 2019 Communications:

1. August E-Mail Human Resources Newsletter

2. September E-Mail Human Resources Newsletter

3. September E-Mail Announcement - “What’s New with Benefits”

4. New Benefits for 2019 (September Flyer - “What’s New with Benefits” (mailed to homes)

5. Biometric Screening & Free Flu Shot Dates (September Email Announcement)

6. September Post Card Mail Announcement–  (Open Enrollment Dates / Alex Tool (mailed to homes)

7. September E-Mail Changes to Staff Paid Time Off Newsletter

8. October Open Enrollment 2019 E-Mail Announcement

9. October E- Mail Human Resources Newsletter

10. Reminder November 16th Vacation Payout Details

11. Open Enrollment Launch E-Mail

12. November E-Mail Human Resources Newsletter

13. Final Reminder: Open Enrollment Ends November 21

14. Recently Announced: Health Care FSA Limits Increase to $2,700 in 2017

15. Just Announced Transit Limits Increase to $265/Month in 2019

To view Frequently Asked Questions about Health Insurance, Biometric Screenings, Tobacco Premiums and more, please review our Frequently Asked Questions page.