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Employee Development
Consistent with its mission and its concern for the growth and professional development of every person, Loyola provides tuition assistance in undergraduate courses for employees and their dependents. Certain graduate courses are also covered for employees. (See Tuition Assistance in the Benefits Section of handbook.)

Human Resources Development provides training and employee development programs to further develop the skills of staff at various levels. You are encouraged to speak with your supervisor, review the catalog of courses, and identify programs which may be of interest.



Performance Evaluation
Loyola provides a working environment conducive to strengthening employee self-respect and self-confidence. An annual performance evaluation assists the employee and supervisor in identifying employee job strengths and weaknesses. It is designed to give a periodic evaluation of employee performance and to establish goals for employee development.

The manager or supervisor conducts a review of the performance of each employee. During this discussion, both the employee and the supervisor should assess past performance in relation to the duties of the position and set goals for future performance. This formal evaluation is used to partly determine merit pay increases as well as eligibility for promotions and transfers. Informal reviews throughout the year are encouraged to clarify supervisory expectations and enhance communications.

A supervisor may utilize a work improvement plan in an effort to develop acceptable performance for an employee. If a supervisor documents the inability of an employee to perform the duties of a job and/or to meet reasonable performance goals, termination may result with the approval of Human Resources.



Promotion and Transfer
Loyola encourages employee development and achievement of career goals and invites qualified employees to seek new opportunities and challenges through promotions and transfers. Generally, employees in good standing must be in their current position for at least six months before applying for a promotion or transfer. Normally, an employee with an active written warning will not be allowed to apply for a position for six months from the date of discipline. An employee with an active suspension will not be allowed to apply for a position for one year from the date of discipline.



Transfers and promotions will be based on the knowledge, skill, and ability of the applicant, past work experience and performance, length of service, and affirmative action guidelines. Internally promoted or transferred employees are subject to the 90-day review period but may use accumulated paid time off during that period with the new supervisor's approval.

The Human Resources Director, Human Resources Manager or Representative are available to discuss the qualifications needed for positions at Loyola.