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Human Resources

Services Available to You

Loyola's Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
There are times when problems can affect your overall well-being and, therefore, your work. The University offers an Employee Assistance Program to help find solutions to issues and difficulties of the daily life. This program is offered, at no cost, through Perspectives, Ltd, and it is available to all employees and their families.

With offices in and around the Chicagoland area and availability on the Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses and Health Sciences campus, Perspectives offers a wide variety of assistance to faculty, staff and their families including:

  • Individual counseling on a wide range of personal and work issues
  • Supervisor and manager consultations
  • Work/Life services
  • Workshops and Seminars for departments
  • Wellness and educational materials and resources

To schedule an individual appointment with one of Perspectives' licensed professionals call 800.456.6327. Perspectives’ schedules appointments between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. weekdays and has 24-hr/7-day-a-week emergency services.

To access Perspectives online, please go to www.perspectivesltd.com

  • Username: LOY500
  • Password: perspectives

Loyola respects the privacy of its employees and does not interfere in their personal lives. Yet, there are times when a personal problem may affect your overall well-being and, therefore, job performance. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential, voluntary service designed to assist faculty, staff, and administrators with personal or work-related problems.

Some of the problems the EAP handles include marital concerns, family conflict, alcohol/drug abuse, emotional difficulties, and job stress. EAP provides free assessment and short term counseling when appropriate. In addition, every effort is made to locate local referral resources that will provide affordable services and help to Loyola employees. For further information see the EAP Website at: http://www.luc.edu/hr/eap.shtml.

Employee Health Services
In cases of emergency at the Lakeside campuses contact Campus Safety's emergency number at 4-4911.

Employees at the Medical Center may be treated at the Occupational Health Service and the hospital Emergency Department for injuries and illness occurring on the job. Blood pressure checks and various immunizations are also available. Upon returning to work after illness or injury, an employee may be required to obtain clearance from Occupational Health.

Employees at the Medical Center may be treated at the Occupational Health Service and the hospital Emergency Department for injuries and illness occurring on the job. Blood pressure checks and various immunizations are also available. Upon returning to work after illness or injury, an employee may be required to obtain clearance from Occupational Health. Employees on the other campuses may receive treatment at the Student Health Office for illness or injury occurring on the job. When health service offices are closed at any campus, employees should contact the Security Department to arrange medical treatment.

Staff Council
The University Staff Council's mission is to:

  • Support the mission, vision, and strategic goals of the University
  • Serve as a recognized part of the University governance system and provide a voice for staff within that system
  • Enhance and further university-wide internal communication
  • Assist in developing and promoting staff development programs
  • Promote a positive and supportive work environment
  • Recognize staff for their commitment to excellence in service
  • Create and nurture a spirit of unity and collegiality among all employees at the University.

Staff Council serves the University through contributing to its success, to the growth and welfare of all its employees, and to the promotion of a positive and supportive work environment. For more information on Staff Council please go to its website at LUC.edu/staffcouncil/.

Campus ID Card
The Campus ID Card is the university's official identification card and identifies Loyola students, faculty, and staff to all members of the Loyola community. Once a faculty/staff member begins employment, he/she will be given a temporary authorization card either through his or her department, Academic Affairs or the Human Resources office. That temporary card will allow the Campus Card office to take the new employee's picture and activate the ID card. Loyola employees are expected to wear their Campus ID during the course of their work day.

The Campus Card automatically provides access to the shuttle bus, and campus libraries. Departments can also grant specific card holders access to computer labs and other campus buildings by notifying campus security. The Halas recreation center uses the Loyola ID as a membership card to gain access to its facility.

The ID card may also be used as a pre-paid debt card, using Rambler Bucks, at on-campus dining facilities, Loyola Bookstores, and the Lake Shore Copy Center. It serves as a parking pass for staff and faculty who have signed up for monthly parking or can be used as a debit card to pay for occasional parking at several of the parking kiosks. Vending machines are transitioning to accept Rambler Bucks.

For further information see the website at LUC.edu/campuscard/index.shtml.

Campus to Campus Transportation
Loyola provides a shuttle service between the Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses for students, faculty and staff. The shuttle schedule and information on staging of these buses can be found at LUC.edu/transportation/shuttlebus.shtml. Shuttle schedules are limited during those periods when classes are not in session. A valid Loyola ID is required to board the shuttles.

The CTA 147 bus is an "express" bus that will take you between the Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses in about 35 minutes. The CTA 151 bus also stops at or near both campuses but is not an express. The Red-line "L" stops at the Lake Shore Campus [the Loyola stop] and very near to the Water Tower Campus [the Chicago Avenue/State Street stop]. Click on www.transitchicago.com to go directly to the CTA website for information on using public transportation in and around Chicago.

Staff and faculty are eligible to sign up for the CTA/RTA Transit Programs through Loyola's Human Resource Office. This program allows you to purchase 30 day passes or pay-per-use passes through payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis. The online enrollment can completed through the BenefitExpress portal at LoyolaExpress.com using your Loyola username and password.

Center for Faith and Culture
The Center for Faith and Culture provides both an office and an academic umbrella for programs and events devoted to Loyola University's heritage and identity as a Jesuit, Catholic University. The Center offers opportunities for scholarly consideration of contemporary questions from the perspective of the Judeo-Christian heritage of faith and religious experience. These programs take the form of discussions, seminars, and symposia. Many of them are cross disciplinary and result from the particular interests of staff and faculty.

It is in the celebration of the Eucharist that we express who we are as Christians. The celebrant of the liturgy is the communio—the entire community. Join us as we celebrate the Eucharist.

  • Lakeshore campus liturgical schedule can be found here.
  • Water Tower Campus liturgical schedule can be found here.

We also invite you to attend the Celebrations of the Eucharist at Holy Name Cathedral. www.holynamecathedral.org/

Credit Union
Loyola University Federal Credit Union is open to all employees and Student Workers of Loyola University Chicago and their immediate family. It offers loan options and provides members with a wide variety of financial services at competitive rates and includes free checking, direct deposit, and interest-bearing savings accounts. A share account may be opened with a minimum balance of $25.00. Your Credit Union account is insured for up to $100,000.00 through the National Credit Union Administration Insurance Fund, an agency of the Federal government. There are Credit Union representatives on both LSC and WTC. Visit the Credit Union's website at: www.luefcu.org/ or contact the Credit Union by e-mail at CREDITUNION@wpo.it.luc.edu for additional information.

Cultural and Social Events
Employees are invited to participate in the many cultural and social events held under Loyola auspices during the year, providing they do not conflict with working hours. Tickets and schedules for university basketball games and other sporting events are available through the Athletic Department. University Theatre presents excellent productions at a modest cost. Social events are also coordinated by groups such as Staff Council, Student Life, Human Resources, etc. Please refer the University Calendar for upcoming events at LUC.edu/calendar.

Direct Deposit
Loyola University Chicago uses a mandatory Direct Deposit payroll system. It is the 'no hassle' way to collect your pay. You must have a checking or savings account with a financial institution to comply with this policy.

You can sign-up for direct deposit via the Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS) at https://ess.luc.edu/

Once the Direct Deposit is established, Loyola will electronically transfer your pay to the financial institution of your choice when paychecks are processed. Staff, Faculty and Students will have access to their Direct Deposit Statement on-line through the employee self-service portal.

Discount Buying Service
Employees may participate in several discount buying services which assist members in making personal purchases at a savings. Details are available through the campus Human Resources Office and the Credit Union Office.

Health and Fitness
Campus Recreation, LUC.edu/campusrec/, located in the Halas Sports Center on LSC, houses a comprehensive fitness center. A wide range of programs help staff, faculty and students maintain strength, fitness and flexibility. Campus Recreation offers individual fitness evaluations and individual consultation on creating a personalized fitness program with personal trainers to steer you through a workout with the universal fitness equipment and free weights. Plus you can enjoy the multi-court activities and an Olympic sized swimming pool for lap and free swimming. The annual fee for membership can be paid through payroll deductions.

The Center for Health & Fitness at Loyola Health Systems is also available to staff and faculty. Located on the campus of Loyola University Medical Center, the parking lot for the fitness center is on the southeast corner of Fifth Avenue and West E Street. You can receive a virtual tour of the facilities by accessing its website: https://www.loyolafitness.org/.

Health and Welfare Benefits
Detailed information on all benefit plans is available for regular staff and faculty at LUC.edu/hr/benefits/. Employees will be able to access the complete, current Benefits Booklet in either Adobe Acrobat Reader or in html format. Direct links to various vender sites are provided. Additional information such as summary plan descriptions, brochures, or provider directories may be available through either provider websites or through the Loyola University's Human Resources Department which is located on the 8th floor of Lewis Towers on the Water Tower Campus. A reference table of phone numbers and websites for Loyola providers can be found on the back page of the Benefits Booklet. A current cost sheet is also provided.

Library Privileges
All regular, full-time employees have access to Loyola's libraries. There are over one million periodicals, electronic and hard copy books, videos and other A/V resources accessible to you as you search through the library databases at http://libraries.luc.edu. Your Loyola ID is your library card.

Human Resources Lending Library has materials available for the use of Loyola staff and faculty either for department or individual development. For a more information visit the Training and Development website at LUC.edu/hr/training.shtml.

Lost and Found
Each campus has a Lost and Found department. Campus Safety is in charge of the departments at Lake Shore (6427 N. Sheridan Rd.) and Water Tower (25 E. Pearson—Security Desk). The telephone number for the Lake Shore department is 773.508.6039 and the Water Tower department is 312.915.6476. The Medical Center's lost and found department is in the Parking Office.

Mission & Identity
Loyola University Chicago is proud of and faithful to its rich tradition. We are committed to excellence in teaching and research. We are faithful to our Catholic heritage. We remain true to the principles of Ignatian spirituality and the goals of Jesuit education. The measure of a Jesuit education is who we are and what our students become. This may sound abstract, but we make it practical in many ways. We take religious faith seriously.

We urge students, faculty and staff to deepen their own faiths and to learn and appreciate the faiths of others. We encourage everyone in our university community to live out their personal calling to address the injustices around them. We hope the following information on our work in Mission and Identity provides you a better understanding of the Jesuit Catholic identity of Loyola University Chicago. Learn more about us and our mission of preparing people to lead extraordinary lives at LUC.edu/mission/index.shtml.

News and Information
Using the internet, hard copy and e-mail announcements the department of University Marketing and Communications strives to keep staff and faculty aware of university news and information, up coming events and special announcements.

Loyola University Chicago’s Division of University Marketing and Communications publishes “Inside Loyola Weekly”. It is distributed every Friday to all faculty and staff via e-mail, and is available online as well. “Inside Loyola Monthly” is published the first week of the fall semester and then the first Tuesday of each month from October through May and also posted on its website at LUC.edu/insideloyola. Information may be submitted through e-mail to umc@luc.edu.

On Campus Dining
Each campus has a cafeteria or vending areas, which provides employees with comfortable surroundings to relax and enjoy meals. Employees may bring their own lunch, take advantage of the meals and snacks available, or dine at the many surrounding restaurants and cafes. For on campus dining options, please visit LUC.edu/dining/.

Purchase of a parking permit through payroll deduction for one of the various Loyola LSC parking lots can be done online by submitting the form found at https://luc.edu/campustransportation/permits/lscemployees. You will need a valid UVID, Loyola I.D. and state driver's license to complete the process.

If you will only need occasional parking there are several lots available at LSC that will accept daily visitors, lots included are Fordham Hall and the Main Parking Structure. Access parking lots by paying in cash ($5–7) at the gate box at the lot. Lots close nightly at 2:00 a.m. Overnight parking is prohibited without permit from the Parking Office.

WTC: Applications for employee parking permits for the Lawson Parking Lot, located at 18 West Chicago Avenue on the corner of State Street and Chicago Avenue are now being accepted. First, you will need to complete the Expression of Interest Form form first, at: https://luc.edu/campustransportation/permits/wtcemployees/. Once your Employee Parking Permit is confirmed, you will be sent a follow-up email with a link to register your vehicle and sign up for payroll deductions.

Public parking is available in several locations close to the WTC downtown campus. Information on discounted parking in that area is available at: https://luc.edu/campustransportation/generalinformation/watertowercampus/. Generally, the discount requires a university validation stamp on the parking stub. These are obtained at the 25 E. Pearson Bldg Information Desk.

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