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Equal Opportunity Employer

Equal Opportunity Employer
Loyola University Chicago recognizes that in order to excel as Chicago’s Jesuit, Catholic University and uphold our mission of being a diverse community seeking God in all things and working to expand knowledge in the service of humanity through learning, justice and faith, we must continue to hire the best talent and secure the full participation and commitment of all employees.
In keeping with this conviction, we reaffirm our obligation and intent to hire and provide all employees with the opportunity to grow, develop, and contribute to our collective success without regard to race, color, religion (except where religion is a bona fide occupational qualification for the job), national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status or any other factor protected by law. This reflects Loyola University Chicago’s commitment to the attainment of equal opportunity for all members of its community through an ongoing affirmative action program. Further, Loyola University Chicago will continue to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities unless doing so would result in an undue hardship.
If you have any questions or problems concerning equal employment opportunity, the University's commitments and expectations, or your responsibilities, we encourage you to talk to Loyola University Chicago’s Affirmative Action Officer.
Affirmative Action Officer:
Winifred Williams, PhD
Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Lewis Towers—Room 820
820 North Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312.915.6175
Loyola University Chicago's Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action & Non-Discrimination Policy can be viewed at http://www.luc.edu/hr/policies/policy_equalopp.shtml.

Working Environment
Loyola University and Medical Center have as their mission education, research and service. As partners in this mission, our employees come to a working environment where professional behavior and service excellence are essential to our success. The values of Loyola are focused on the value and dignity of the individual. The commitment of individual employees to this spirit of care, concern, cooperation and respect will ensure that our work together is accomplished with this mission in mind. Individual employees have a personal responsibility to create a professional working environment by committing to zero tolerance for any forms of violence or harassment, including verbal, non-verbal or physical. It is required that each employee will abide by and support the zero tolerance commitment.

Ninety-Day Review Period
Once hired, transferred, promoted, or otherwise placed in a new position, the first ninety calendar days on the job are a review period. During this time, you have an opportunity to become familiar with your new job, coworkers, and supervisor; in turn, your supervisor evaluates your ability to do the job and your overall performance. At the end of this period, you will continue your employment only if both you and your supervisor are satisfied.
In extraordinary cases, Human Resources may give permission to extend the review period another 30 calendar days. If, in the documented opinion of the supervisor, job performance does not reach an acceptable level during the standard review period or its extension, you may be terminated with approval of the Human Resources Department. Newly-hired employees are not subject to progressive discipline and cannot initiate the internal complaint procedure during the review period. Current employees in a new position have access to the complaint procedure during their review period.

Employment Physical and Drug/Alcohol Screen
As a condition of employment, successful completion of a physical assessment and drug/alcohol screen is required of employees at the Medical Center. At the Lakeside campuses, certain positions have been selected for the same procedure.