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Human Resources


July 2018 Human Resources Updates

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Human Resources is pleased to provide updates and announce new programs and services for our Loyola community. Please review the information below to learn more about the University’s upcoming celebration of the Feast Day of Saint Ignatius of Loyola; ways to earn cash rewards for medical expenses; and an opportunity to personally and professionally develop while attending an Inner-Mission Employee Retreat this summer.

Join On-Campus Celebrations for the Feast Day of Saint Ignatius of Loyola
On Tuesday, July 31, please join Human Resources and University Staff Council in celebrating Saint Ignatius at Mass and a picnic on the Lake Shore Campus. All faculty, staff, and retirees are welcome. Registration for Ignatian Service Days is open now through Wednesday, July 18, and an art and school-supply drive is also under way. Please visit the Feast Day web page for more details.

Use a Benefits Value Advisor and Earn Cash Rewards
If you are enrolled in a Loyola medical plan and your doctor has recommended a medical procedure, for example, an MRI, then the procedure may be more cost-effective with a specific health care provider. As a part of your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois health care plan, you and your eligible dependents may use the Member Rewards benefit. Simply contact a Benefits Value Advisor to help you shop for medical care, save on out-of-pocket expenses, and earn cash rewards for the choices you make. Please check the back of your medical ID card for the Benefits Value Advisor customer service number.

Review Important Beneficiary Information
Human Resources encourages you to review beneficiary information that is associated with your financial accounts. Specifically, when reviewing your retirement plan(s), please make sure that each plan reflects updated beneficiary information. Each beneficiary selection you make is unique to each retirement account you have. For example, participants in the Loyola University Employees’ Retirement Plan can visit that plan’s website in order to complete a beneficiary form. Learn more online.

EMERGE—Professional and Personal Development
Seats are still open in EMERGE classes taking place this month. The program offers personal, professional, and wellness seminars. Whether you are in a leadership role or a member of a team, you will find a program in which you can increase your knowledge and strengthen your skills. Visit the EMERGE site for details on the following courses:
  • July 10 – PeopleAdmin 7.6 - Hiring Manager (Zoom) Webinar*
  • July 11 – Supervisor Basics at the Lake Shore Campus*
  • July 12 – PeopleAdmin 7.6 - Hiring Manager (Zoom) Webinar*
  • July 17 – Embracing Change at the Lake Shore Campus
  • July 18 – Coaching for Managers at the Water Tower Campus*
  • July 19 – Managing Organizational Change: Supervisors at the Lake Shore Campus*
  • July 27 – Loyola Supervisor Basics at the Health Sciences Campus*
*Courses marked with an asterisk are designated for supervisors and managers.

Summer Inner-Mission Employee Retreat

Faculty and staff are invited to attend the upcoming Inner-Mission Employee Retreat, which is designed to help you experience quiet time and reflection. The retreat will be held July 11–12 at the Loyola Retreat and Ecology Campus in Woodstock, Illinois. Participants will be able to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life while deepening their personal connection through self-reflection, meditation, and rest. This experience also provides an opportunity to connect with colleagues. Please visit the Mission and Identity website for additional information.

If you have any questions regarding any of these updates, please visit LUC.edu/hr.


Winifred L. Williams, PhD
Vice President for Human Resources
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer