Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

Flexible Work-Schedule Policy

The University encourages and authorizes individual departments to implement flexible work schedules to meet business needs. In addition, departments may adjust the work schedules of individual employees to meet personal, home or family needs while preserving the hours defined by the position's FTE and maintaining quality service.

This policy describes the procedure for implementing a flexible work schedule.  Change in scheduled hours may be requested by an employee or designated by a department.  Since there is no change in total hours worked, flex-time will not affect pay or benefit level.


  • Department Initiated
    Each department should review its employee scheduling for efficiency of service.  If alternative scheduling is needed, each affected employee should be notified of the new schedule.  A minimum of two-weeks notice should be given to each employee.

  • Employee Initiated
    An employee may request a change in scheduled work hours for personal or family reasons.  This usually involves changes in the number of days on the job or flexible "clock" hours each day.  The request should be directed to the supervisor, in writing, with the reason for the request, and describing the anticipated affect on customers, work flow, and fellow employees.  Departmental approval will be based upon the assurance that the efficiency of the department is maintained.

  • Review
    The flex-time program, and those employees participating, should be reviewed on a continual basis for its effectiveness. The program and corresponding schedules may be changed as departmental or personal circumstances warrant.