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Human Resources

Staff and Librarian Teaching

Policy Statement
Many staff & librarians at Loyola University Chicago (Loyola) have talent that is or may be used more directly in teaching activities and would like the opportunity to teach at Loyola. These interests and abilities must be balanced with their primary work responsibilities and within established teaching limits that foster the breadth and depth of our academic quality.

This policy describes the conditions under which staff & librarians of Loyola may teach by providing conditions, general guidelines, limits on number of courses allowed so that the staff member or librarian is successful in performing their primary work responsibilities.

To Whom this Policy Applies
This policy applies to all full and part-time regular staff and librarians.

This policy is overseen and enforced by the Human Resource Division and coordinated with Faculty Administration, colleges, schools & academic units.

Teaching Outside of Normal Work Responsibilities
Staff & librarians may teach outside of their normal work responsibilities. If a staff colleague or librarian does teach, they must first and foremost fulfill their everyday work responsibilities and its schedule. Staff & librarians cannot use their teaching responsibilities as a reason for not meeting their normal job duties. Performance evaluation of the normal job will not include the teaching performed by the staff colleague & librarian, unless such teaching interferes with the performance on the normal job.

As a general rule a staff colleague or librarian is only allowed to accept a teaching assignment outside of their regular work schedule. Any exception to this policy requires the review and approval of their Supervisor, Vice President, Senior Vice President, and Human Resources. Any exception to this rule must involve a detailed explanation and an agreed upon schedule to ensure everyday responsibilities are addressed in the same work week as the additional teaching responsibilities.

Compensation for teaching outside of normal work responsibilities and schedule can be in addition to the salary paid for the staff colleague or librarian's regular position, but such compensation must be in line with the normal part-time instructor payment for courses in the program in which the colleague will be teaching. Different compensation rules apply for payment to exempt or salaried staff & librarians and non-exempt or hourly staff - Please consult with Human Resources about legal method of payment for hourly and salaried employees. The Supervisor, the Department/Program Chair/Director and the appropriate Dean of the Department/Program and School in which the teaching will occur, and the Office of Academic Affairs must approve this teaching responsibility and compensation.

Teaching Within Normal Work Responsibilities
The job description of the staff colleague or librarian may include a teaching responsibility. The job description must clearly describe the courses that will be taught, when they will be taught, and the distribution of time and effort allotted to teaching as compared to the other duties of the staff colleague or librarian. Compensation for teaching in this case will be included as part of the overall salary for the position (i.e., no additional compensation will be provided). The Supervisor, Chair/Director, appropriate Dean of the Department or Program in which the teaching will occur, and Academic Affairs must approve this teaching responsibility and compensation.

Human Resources will approve the entire position description of the job including the teaching responsibilities according to existing compensation and job approval policy and processes.

Limits on Total Number of Courses
In any circumstance, this policy prohibits a staff colleague or librarian from teaching more than one course (or up to 3 credits) per semester or quarter and no more than three courses (or up to 9 credits) per calendar year. Courses refer to semester long academic courses, and do not include short courses or workshops. A Supervisor can restrict the teaching to fewer courses/sections per term or per year based on the need for the staff colleague to meet their normal job duties.

Teaching at Other Institutions
Teaching outside of Loyola is not permitted for staff with the exception of advance written approval from the Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Academic Officer. Any such outside employment must be done in accordance with Loyola’s Conflict of Interest Policy: http://www.luc.edu/hr/policies/policy_conflictofinterest.shtml.  

Librarians may occasionally engage in outside employment, but only with the approval of their Dean (and/or Library Director, if applicable) and the Senior Academic Officer as discussed in Chapter 6, Section B(1), Chapter 5, Section C(2), as well as in Chapter 4, Section C(2) of the Faculty Handbook, and must also adhere to Loyola’s Conflict of Interest Policy

For either staff or librarians, outside employment with another institution should not commence until appropriate approval, as noted above, has been received. Other aspects of this policy also apply.  

Revised: 6/6/14, 9/6/22, 2/23/24