Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

Charge Check List

  • Official or working title of the position
  • Position (job) description and a copy of the advertisement or position announcement
  • Essential and preferred criteria for selection; criteria that are important to the department and the institution; and the hiring authority’s view of the position’s scope and short- and long-term challenges and opportunities
  • Time frame for completing the search (the committee should formulate and distribute a timetable to appropriate constituencies, including the HR director)
  • Policy for handling late or incomplete applications
  • Institutional policy on diversity or affirmative action issues
  • Duties to be assigned to the search committee members
  • Search committee meetings
  • Hiring authority’s involvement in the search process
  • Preferred number of finalist candidates to visit the campus and general idea of the conduct of the campus visit/interview
  • Form in which the committee’s final recommendations are brought forward (for example, single candidate, ranked candidates, narrative)
  • Where and how the committee will receive administrative and logistical support (for example, from the department with the vacancy and HR department)
  • How the HR department will support and monitor the search process
  • Funds available for advertising and for candidates’ travel, hotels, and meals
  • EEOC and AA requirements