Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

Sample Reference Check Questions

General Instructions

  • Introduce yourself to the reference and why you are phoning.
  • Describe the general requirements of the position.
  • Report any flags to Chair of search and HR, if needed.

Sample Reference Check Questions

  1. How long have you known X and in what capacity?
  2. Describe the candidate's overall work performance in terms of skills, qualities and contributions to your organization.
  3. What are X’s strengths and areas for development?
  4. What are X’s unique qualities?
  5. How would you describe X’s ability to engage a group of college students in a class, workshop or presentation?
  6. How would you compare the performance of X with that of others who have held the same job?
  7. Please describe overall work / performance in terms of in terms of attitude, dependability and trustworthiness.
  8. Is X someone you would hire (again)?
  9. Why did X leave your organization?
  10. Is there any additional information that you feel we should know in considering (X) for employment?