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Via Benefits FAQs


The company believes that the old name didn’t reflect all the services provided to participants. We decided on Via Benefits as a name that represented the products and services we offer retirees.
The new brand name was chosen because the combination of “via” and “benefits” is an excellent shorthand for positioning what we do and how we do it. The word “via” literally means “traveling through a place to a destination.”
When most people hear this phrase, they think of a path or journey. The idea of a journey helps communicate that we work with you to determine your needs and guide you through available options so you can make an informed and confident choice. The journey is different for everyone, and our purpose is to assist you and your family on your path to a more healthy retirement.

We pronounce it “vEEa.”

The look and feel of our solutions, websites, and communications materials will change with new branding. However, the functionality and services we provide will not change due to the brand change, and we expect the transition to be smooth. For example, if you type in, or have bookmarked, a URL for your branded OneExchange website, as soon as you click on that URL you will be re-directed to the new Via Benefits page.

The transition will go live on March 1, 2018. Our web and IVR experience will change to the Via Benefits brand, as will all of our print and online communications going forward. To avoid concerns or confusion, we’ll reference our former brand, OneExchange, for one year after the transition in both spoken and written materials.
The name change will be communicated though a number of methods:
  • Retirees who have agreed to receiving electronic updates will receive an email;
  • VIA BENEFITS - POST CARD was mailed directly to retirees’ homes for those who cannot be reached via email;
  • Ongoing reminders in regular communications throughout 2018.
The web address that retirees currently use will still access the website. There will be redirects in place in perpetuity, meaning that the old web address or URL will be redirected to the new web address. 

Medicare Website
Via Benefits medicare websites will be redirected:
Yes, with the March 1, 2018 release there will be a banner on the client’s home page communicating that OneExchange is now Via Benefits. This banner will appear for a period of time after the launch, and may re-appear during 2018’s Annual Enrollment Period.
Yes, if you used the previous web address, you will automatically be redirected to the new experience: http://my.viabenefits.com/funds 
  • You will use the same login credentials and navigation pathways you currently use to access Shop & Compare, My Account, Funds & Reimbursements, Help & Support, etc.
Our service centers and customer service personnel will be briefed with information to help them allay any concerns.