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2018 Million Mile Month

Million Mile Month Challenge
Human Resources is excited to announce Loyola's participation in the fifth annual Million Mile Challenge from April 1 through 30! Throughout April, faculty and staff can record their minutes of movement to determine which institution is the most active. We define movement as any intentional exercise that causes a at least a moderate increase in breathing or heart rate.
The Million Mile Month begins at 12:00AM (Pacific Time) on April 1, 2018 and ends at 11:59PM (Pacific Time) on April 30, 2018.

Anyone can participate in the program. Each participant must create a new account using their valid university email address.

Minute Record
  • Only the participant can record their own minutes online
  • Participants can record their minutes an unlimited number of times online
If you are interested in participating, please *complete the free registration online.
Visit Healthcode.org and follow the steps below:
  1. Review the various registration levels (i.e. Silver) and choose “Select” in order to advance.
    • Please keep in mind, registration fees are not required.
    • If you choose to donate, registration donations to the nonprofit organization (HealthCode) are tax deductible.
  2. Within the New Registrants area, complete the section in order to create your account.
  3. You will receive a “Submit Order” prompt. Select the option in order to continue.
  4. The “Edit Your Profile” section will appear. Complete the information shown.
  5. Within the “Million Mile Month 2018” section, select “Loyola University Chicago” from the menu.
    • Feel free to add information into the “Mile Goal” section – it is not required.
  6. Make sure all other required blanks are completed and click “Complete Registration.”  Once you have entered your preferred information, select “Complete Registration.”

*We highly recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any smartphone or tablet. If you are using Internet Explorer, be sure you are using version 9 or higher for the best experience.


Beginning April 1, visit Healthcode.org from any device (i.e. mobile phone) to log your physical activities (i.e. running) into your profile. Once logged in, select “MY PROFILE” to update and review your profile information, including physical activity minutes entered.

Wellness Tracker
For your convenience, you can connect a Fitbit or Map My Fitness account in order to automate the wellness recording in your account.

Check out the “Leaderboards” located at the top of the page to see the overall community, and by selecting “My Organization” in your private Profile Page you will see our Organization’s Private Leaderboard.

Wellness Recording
Participants can *record minutes online:
  • Once you are logged into your account, select "My Profile" located near the top right portion of the webpage. 
  • Within the "Your Profile" section, Select " Log an Activity" in order to enter your minutes of activity (i.e. 30 minutes or 2 miles of running on April 1, 2018). 
*Please keep in mind, participants cannot submit minutes after the Go Move Challenge ends.
Interested to learn more about Loyola's "Million Mile Month" progress? Checkout the Leadersboard's private page.
  • Organization boards are accessed by selecting the “Organization” link appearing on the left side of the "My Profile" page.
Checkout the Million Mile Month FAQs.
If you have any questions regarding registration or how to enter your minutes for the Million Mile Month challenge, please feel free to reach out to Healthcode.org.
During HealthCode's April Million Mile Month MILEstone prizes are awarded as the Community makes its way to 1+ million miles.
  • Prizes are randomly drawn from those who have posted their 2018 Million Mile Month Race Bib photos to Instagram and Facebook.
  • In May, the prizes are shipped and the "virtual swag bag" emailed. 
April 9, 2018 Announcement

Million Mile Month is on Day 9!  Monday is a great time to enter your weekend activity.

MILEstone prizes? How about one of TWO $500 Whole Food Gift Cards or one of Four $555 Schwinn bike packages!? Actually, now three Schwinn bike pages; as Melinda S. from New York won this weekend's drawing! Want to be in the prize running? Please see info below.

Check out the BIG TICKER as the community is on the way to achieve a MILLION MILES!  Click here for the Leaderboard breakouts by Organizations, Cities, States and Individuals!

Are you participating as part of an Organization? Just click on your Organization's name/Leaderboard on the left side of your Personal Profile page.

Grab five friends, have them sign up too!!!!! Plenty of time for folks to sign up and tomorrow start entering activity data. If you know Organizations that might be interested please share with them the Corporate Wellness link. Let's exceed one million miles of activity in support of healthier people and communities. 

Reminder: During April you can enter all activity accomplished as of April 1st, no matter when you begin. So no penalty for a late start. You just can not enter activity you plan to do tomorrow. ��

See the cool 5th Anniversary Million Mile Month t-shirt, included at the Gold and Platinum registration; donations are tax deductible; and support the nonprofit HealthCode whose vision is that everyone should enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier life.

Want to be in the MILEstone prize running? 

No fees required. REGISTER for Million Mile Month, which includes the cool race bib in your registration confirmation email. Print your race bib and post a photo holding the race bib on social media with #mmm2018 and @healthcodeiam. Simple as that to be in the prize running. 

Details, along with your race bib, will be in your registration confirmation email; "Subject" is:Welcome to Million Mile Month; with email from contact@healthcode.org or contact@millionmilemonth.org.
Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for on-going posts https://www.facebook.com/HealthCodeIAM/; like the cool Fort Bend ISD and Proof Advertising videos!!

Here's to YOU and another awesome April and Million Mile Month for YOUR health and the wellness of friends and community.


The HealthCode Team
March 20, 2018 Announcement

We are celebrating Million Mile Month's 5th anniversary with awesome MILEstone prizes! Including TWO $500 Whole Food Gift Card winners and FIVE $555 Schwinn bike packages! No fees required; REGISTER for Million Mile Month, see your confirmation email, print your race bib and post a photo on social media with #mmm2018 and @healthcodeiam. Simple as that to be in the prize running.
  • Tip Five Posture Fix from PTX TherapyCheck out the PDF, along with easy to follow exercises and videos, The tips are free and designed to help reduce pain getting in the way of you being your best.  
Grab five friends, have them sign up too!!!!! Let's exceed one million miles of activity in support of healthier individuals and communities. What do you think? Can we set a new standard and leave 2017's Leaderboard numbers in the dust! Check out the cool 5th Anniversary Million Mile Month t-shirt, included at the Gold and Platinum registration; donations are tax deductible.  

Want to be in the prize running? No fees required to register, which includes the cool race bib. Posting photos on social auto enter you in the running for some cool prizes. Details will be in your registration confirmation email. (Your confirmation email "Subject" is:Welcome to Million Mile Month; with email from contact@healthcode.org or contact@millionmilemonth.org)

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for on-going posts https://www.facebook.com/HealthCodeIAM/