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Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

Health Systems Management

Health care is the largest industry in the United States, and job growth in this field is projected to exceed 25 percent during the next several years.

The industry faces multiple challenges, including aging Baby Boomers and the attendant rise in acute and chronic illnesses, continued reductions in reimbursement, decreasing financial resources, an expansion of diseases brought to the U.S. through global mobility, a limited labor pool of skilled workers and increasingly sophisticated health-care consumers.

Successful development and execution of new models of care delivery will require employees who have the educational foundation that prepares them to understand and navigate these challenges.

The health-care industry is the nation’s second-largest employer, and the Chicago-area market in particular holds tremendous employment potential for health systems management graduates.

The Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing's extensive relationships with health-care providers and organizations facilitate myriad career and internship opportunities for its students.

HSM Careers

Chicagoland provides extensive career and internship opportunities because it is home to two global health-care/pharmaceutical companies, five academic medical centers, two of the nation’s largest health systems, health-care equipment manufacturers, software companies, numerous community-based health-care systems, large physician group practices, long-term care facilities, assisted-living and home-care services.

Large insurance companies and health-care associations, such as the American Medical Association and the American Hospital Association, are also located in Chicago.

After graduation, students will find positions in settings such as health-care manufacturing, pharmaceutical companies, health-care service companies, associations, purchasing organizations, consulting firms and insurance companies, as well as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and other providers.

Typical positions include project management, marketing, public relations, finance, operations, human-resource management, program management and quality assurance. In addition, students who complete this program have solid preparation for further education at the graduate level. Loyola’s Career Center offers frequent job fairs with on-campus recruiting, job listing sites, resume workshops and Website space for student resumes.

Some students in the major are preparing to enter professional schools, such as law, medicine and business, or graduate programs in ethics,  pastoral studies and other fields.

Please note that the Health System Management Program is currently being revised and is still in the proposal stage. We anticipate a Fall 2019 start for the new program.