Loyola University Chicago


Academics and Advising

Where can I go for academic support?

  • The Tutoring Center is located in the Sullivan Center, Suite 245 (LSC)
    • Services include Supplemental Instruction, Peer Tutoring, and Success Coaching

How do I drop a class?

  • You will need to know a few things!
    • Speak to your advisor first; we want to make sure dropping the course will not cause any unnecessary issues.
      • Call or Schedule an appointment
    • How far in to the semester are we?
      • See Refund and Withdraw Deadlines here to ensure that dropping the class works for you
    • Will you still be full-time?
      • If so, many schedule changes will not affect financial aid, but come see us or call to confirm.
      • If not, come see us or call to confirm the changes that may occur to your financial aid award package

 How do I change my major or minor?

  • Speak to your academic advisor. Your LOCUS Student Center should indicate who your acadmic advisor is.

 How do I transfer to a different academic college?

  • Students can retrieve an Internal Transfer form at The HUB to change majors between academic colleges (i.e. Arts and Science to Business or Multiple degrees)
  • This form will be filled out and submitted to the target college’s Dean’s office

Enrollment time?

  • Check holds on LOCUS
    • Complete Verification
    • Pay Outstanding Balances
    • Submit Immunization Records
  • Meet with an Advisor
    • Schedule an Appointment or Utilize Drop-In Hours
  • Check enrollment appointment on LOCUS

 How can I schedule a Placement Test?

  • Placement Tests and Assessments can all be scheduled online