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Verification of Enrollment

Request Verification of Enrollment,  Student Status, and G.P.A.

Verification of Enrollment is a certified document stating your enrollment status at the University. Upon request, a student's GPA may also be included in the document. Verification of Enrollment forms are most often used as proof of status as an enrolled Loyola student for purposes of car or health insurance policies, or scholarships.

  • The easiest, fastest way to request Verification of Enrollment is through your LOCUS account. Just log on, click on your Academics tab, and request online! You can specify where you would like it sent. Verification of Enrollment is free of charge and generally takes 1-2 days to process when requested through LOCUS.
  • If you need to include an additional document for processing, you may also request your Verification of Enrollment at the Hub and include the additional document. Verification of Enrollment will take 2-3 days to process and may be picked up at the Hub, or sent out for you.

If LOCUS is unavailable or if you are requesting overnight delivery and including the required $12.00, please us this form. The form may be filled out on-line, then printed, Signed (a must), mailed, hand delivered, or faxed (312-915-6452) to the Office of Registration and Records.