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Student Academic Services

Where Do I Get Help for...?

More than a dozen student services offices are housed in the Sullivan Center for Student Services, along with The Hub. Located on the first floor, The Hub is staffed by senior advisors who are familiar with Loyola and cross-trained in all services, enabling them to often answer your questions and solve your problems right on the spot.

The following list describes which services can be done by stopping at The Hub (or via e-mail or online); and which require a visit to or appointment with the specific service office. Other services will be added, so check back often to find the best resource to help you.

If you don't find what you need on this list—or you'd like more information—please contact The Hub at: 773.508.7700; e-mail: onestop@luc.edu.

Academic Advising

The HubAcademic Advising Office
Making appointments with your advisor Getting basic information about:
  • Loyola's mandatory advising policy
  • Academic calendar
  • Core: Which courses count
  • Dean's List requirements
  • FERPA and use of waiver forms
  • Financial penalties for class withdrawal
  • Last day to add/drop classes
Confirming if AP credit has been applied Using LOCUS for advising-related functions:
  • Producing an academic advising transcript
  • Requesting an official transcript
  • Printing out an unofficial transcript
  • Finding appointment times
  • Determining service indicators
  • Using the Personal Account Manager (PAM)
  • Resetting passwords through PAM or Help Desk
Changing majors and/or minors:
  • Understanding the procedure
  • Getting required change forms (online or print)
  • Returning completed change forms (via e-mail or drop off)
Finding out Tutoring Center hours/location
  • Getting an application to become a tutor
Freshmen and sophomore non-transfer students:

Meeting with your advisor Getting advice about:
  • Academic requirements to graduate, including which additional courses can meet Core requirements
  • Which courses from other universities (including summer courses) will meet Loyola requirements
  • What AP, IB or transfer credit applies to Loyola degree requirements
  • Dropping classes
  • Getting approval to take more than 18 hours per terms
  • Getting missing academic credit posted to your transcript
  • Withdrawal from the university
All students:

Getting advice about:
  • Where to drop off an exam
  • Subjects available for tutoring
  • Improving study strategy skills
  • How to get tested for a disability
  • Access to academic and/or housing accommodations for students with disabilities

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The HubOffice of the Bursar
Getting basic information about:
  • Where to send tuition and other payments
  • Drop class policy: Applicable charges and impact on financial aid
  • Health insurance plan: What's required; how to waive out
  • Financial holds on registration: How to unblock
  • Payment plans: How to enroll; when payments are due; how to create a basic monthly plan; viewing TMS accounts and obtaining payment status
Making requests for:
  • Itemized statements
  • Duplicate 1098T statements
Learning how to:
  • Charge RBUX online
  • Set up direct deposit
  • Log into the Educational Computer Systems Inc. (ECSI) Website. ECSI handles billing and customer service for Perkins and Nursing student loans.
  • Log in to sign Stafford Loan promissory notes
  • Use LOCUS for financial-related functions; updating addresses
Picking up:
  • Academic transcripts
  • Forbearance, deferment and disability forms
Dropping off:
  • Verification of enrollment forms
Making payments or any changes to student accounts Advice on:
  • How to dispute items on TransUnion or Experian Credit Bureau reports
  • Consolidation companies and/or procedures
  • Forbearance, deferments, disability discharges, cancellations
Obtaining lifts on Bursar holds

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Financial Assistance

The HubOffice of Student Financial Assistance
Getting basic information about:
  • Application process for financial assistance
  • Scholarship options from Loyola and from other external sources
  • Additional loan options and application processes
  • Student employment opportunities and online listings
Learning about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and application process Confirming student status regarding:
  • Receipt of federal application data
  • Documents, processes and requirements needed, including signature on promissory notes for federal loans
  • Financial awards and notification correspondence from the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA)
  • Scheduled disbursements and amounts
Dropping off the following documents and having them reviewed for accuracy, completeness:
  • Items needed to satisfy verification requirements
  • Appeals for additional financial assistance
  • Applications for private educational loans
  • Forms for other Loyola departments or outside agencies that require certification by OSFA
  • Forms from the Veterans Administration (VA) regarding a student's eligibility for verification benefits
Assistance in completing the FAFSA for students/families with special circumstances Working with students and/or families to:
  • Explain the rationale for various financial aid documents, processes and requirements, and providing assistance to meet these needs
  • Outline eligibility criteria for various financial aid awards
  • Provide a bottom-line summary of the student's account, including current charges and financial aid in progress
  • Explore other financial aid options to assist effective planning and decision-making
  • Discuss special family circumstances and provide guidance through the appeal process

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International Programs

The HubOffice for International Programs
Information and forms for international students:
  • Learning about the I-20 process; reporting student status
  • Obtaining forms that also require an appointment with the Office of International Programs (OIP): CPT, OPT, Employment Due to Economic Necessity, Reinstatement, Change of Status
  • Obtaining forms that do not require an appointment: I-20 Request, Request Letter of Enrollment, Request Invitation Letter, SSN Letter Application, Transfer Out Form, Maintaining F-1 Status
  • Dropping off completed forms: Request Letter of Enrollment; Request Invitation Letter; SSN Letter Application; Transfer Out Form
Rome Center
  • Getting an application, help with requirements, including deadlines
  • Dropping off admission and scholarship applications and having them reviewed for accuracy, completeness
  • Dropping off Rome Center deposits
  • Obtaining general information about Rome: Where to stay, etc.
Study Abroad & Summer Programs
  • Learning about basic eligibility standards for study abroad; reviewing information, workshops, procedures, deadlines, etc., on Website
  • Dropping off application materials and having them reviewed for completeness
  • Dropping off other required documents: Course approval forms, passport photocopy, proof of insurance, etc.
Meeting with advisors in OIP, Rome Center and Study Abroad/Summer Programs

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Career Development Center

The HubCareer Development Center Office
Learning about career and internship resources, and using the Website
Walk-in times:  1:30 - 3:30 Mon - Thurs during the fall and spring semesters.
Call 708-508-7716 to schedule an appointment.
Making appointments for career support Registering for E-Recruiting

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Registration & Records

The HubOffice of Registration & Records
Learning about LOCUS and self-service functions Requesting and picking up transcripts Checking registration statusHandling all other matters related to student records and registration

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Residence Life

The HubResidence Life Office
Dropping off housing forms that can be checked for completenessGetting help with room assignments and other housing-related matters

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Undergraduate Admission

The HubUndergraduate Admission Office
Picking up undergraduate applications Dropping off completed applications and formsGetting help on all other matters related to undergraduate admission Meeting with admission counselors Obtaining more information about Loyola University Chicago