Loyola University Chicago

Information Commons

Classroom Use Policy

This policy is in effect for classrooms located in the Information Commons (IC): 105, 111, 112, 215, 216, and 230. They will be referred to as "classrooms" in this document.

Scheduling of University Classes

The classrooms in the Information Commons are scheduled for regular University classes by the University Registrar. Any faculty wishing to use any of the classrooms for semester long classes in the IC are directed to call the University Registrar to make arrangements.

Scheduling and Use by Campus Organizations

Requests by campus organizations can be made three weeks after the start of the semester.

All scheduling is done through Campus Reservations and requests must be made through them. Campus Reservations will review the availability of the rooms on the campus and choose the appropriate space for the group’s activity. Click on this link for the Campus Reservations homepage.

Costs and damage incident use of the classrooms under this policy shall be borne by the organization using the classroom. As a condition of use, the organization may be required to provide satisfactory assurance of financial responsibility to the University.

Once the classroom is confirmed, it is the responsibility of the group’s organizer to bring the confirmation with them. Upon review, the IC Director or IC Supervisor will unlock the room and check its condition prior to the group’s use. When the group is finished using the classroom, they are expected to put the room back in the condition they found it in. The group is responsible and accountable for the cleanliness and order of the classroom following their use. Groups will be billed for cleanup that they do not adequately complete themselves.

  • The classrooms are configured in rows and can accommodate 24 individuals.
  • Currently the IC cannot accommodate groups larger than 24 in the classrooms.
  • They are not equipped with individual workstations for the students; however they do have an instructor’s workstation, projector and a whiteboard.
  • Outside furniture may not be brought into the room without prior permission from the IC Supervisor or Director. If furniture is brought in, it is the responsibility of the group to return the furniture to its original home.
  • The classrooms are not open to students who wish to use the rooms for the purposes of working on class projects or individual study.
  • When the classrooms are not in use they will remain locked.

Addendum to the Food and Drink Policy for Classroom Use

Student Affiliated groups may not have food delivered or catered. While the IC allows food and drink in the classrooms and other common areas, it does not allow for food delivery, catering, potlucks or events that are meal oriented.

Groups who violate these rules may have the rest of their meetings canceled for the semester and may not be allowed to reserve a room in the IC for the remainder of the academic year. In addition, the group may be reported to Student Affairs for further action.

If the group does not have their confirmation with them, the room will remain locked until it can be produced.

Policy Revision History
Approved: IC Steering Committee, February 2009
Amended: IC Steering Committee, September 2009