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Information Commons

Library Instruction Classroom Use Policy


The Library Instruction Classroom (Room 120) is located on the first floor of the Information Commons in the south west corner of the building. When not scheduled, the room is available as open lab space. The schedule for the room is posted outside the door and available to staff at the service desks. Users are expected to vacate the room 15 minutes prior to scheduled events or any time library or IT staff need the room.


The Library Instruction Classroom contains 24 PCs, an instructor work station (the same as available in all e-classrooms on campus), a white board, a smart board, and a networked printer. A standard print station is available. The classroom is configured in rows and cannot be rearranged. Extra chairs are generally available in the room, though space is limited for additional users.


The primary use of the Library Instruction Classroom is library instruction/training and IT workshops and/or training. If available, the Library Instruction Classroom may be scheduled by Loyola faculty and Staff for other instructional uses. The room may be reserved for short-term use only; regularly scheduled courses or events will not be scheduled.

To ensure availability of the Library Instruction Classroom for library instruction/training and IT workshops/training, general room reservations for the fall and spring semesters will not be accepted until the 4th week of the academic term. For summer and interim periods, approved room reservation requests will be scheduled upon receipt assuming the room is available. Please note that room reservations are not considered complete unless the requester has received a confirmation e-mail.

Use Guidelines

When arriving to use Library Instruction Classroom, please proceed directly to Room 120. The room is an open lab when not scheduled. Please arrive early and politely inform anyone using the room that they will need to relocate. Inform the staff working at the information desk on Level 1 of any problems.

Users are responsible and accountable for the cleanliness and order of the classroom following use.

Users will abide by the Information Commons Food & Drink Policy.

  • Catered food events and food delivery are not allowed in the Library Instruction Classroom.

If assistance is needed with any of the equipment in the room, use the telephone located above the print station to call the ITS Help Desk at 4-4444.

After use, please report any problems with the condition of the room or the equipment by sending a detailed e-mail to the Reference Department at cud-ref@luc.edu.

Policy Revision History
Approved: IC Steering Committee, October 2009