Loyola University Chicago

Information Commons

Guest & Alumni Computers

Alumni Workstation Access

With an alumni card, provided by the Campus Card Office, you may request access to available alumni workstations by visiting the Information Commons first floor service desk at the Lakeshore Campus. There is no charge for access or use of a workstation.

For more information on available University Libraries resources available to alumni, visit http://libraries.luc.edu/alumni . For additional alumni information, visit the Alumni Relations website.

IC Guest Workstation Access

As a guest to the Information Commons, you may request access to available guest workstations by visiting the Information Commons first floor service desk at the Lakeshore Campus. There is no charge for access or use of a workstation. Access may be limited during key periods throughout the year, such as final exams for our students.

Computer and Internet Access

Yes! Alumni and Guests of the University may utilize the "LUC-Guest" Wireless Network using any wireless-capable device such as a smartphone or laptop. For more information, visit luc.edu/wireless.

View the Guest Access Policy pages for specific building access information. ITS and the University Libraries reserve the right to deny access at any time based on the needs of Loyola University Chicago students, faculty and staff. Typically during the final two weeks of each academic seemster, guest access is restricted in order to best accommodate student study spaces.

Visit the Guest Access Policy page for more information on requirements to check into the building. During your first visit, a staff member will also require the following information in order to create a unique workstation account for you: First and Last Name, Telephone Number and Email Address. We will ask that you create a password at the time of your username creation - this password will not change throughout your usage, but you may return to a service desk if you wish to change it on your own in the future.

Lake Shore Campus

Both Alumni and IC Guests have 8 workstations available on the 1st floor of the Information Commons available for use.

Water Tower Campus

October 2021: Alumni Access to WTC is not yet available, but being prepared for use later during the Fall 2021 Semester.

Alumni will have access to 4 machines available for use in Lewis Library, Corboy Law Center: 2 on the 9th floor, and 2 on the 6th floor.
Guest access is not available at the Water Tower Campus.

All workstations provide three (3) hours of access per session. If there are no other Alumni or IC Guests waiting for access, you may continue to extend your usage in thirty (30) minute increments directly from your workstation. If all workstations are actively in use, visit the nearby service desk for a staff member to create a reservation for the next available workstation. Workstations with reservations will not be able to renew, allowing other users to utilize the service as available.

All Alumni and IC Guest workstations have the following applications installed:

Productivity ToolsInternet BrowsersMicrosoft Office 2016
Adobe Acrobat Reader Google Chrome Microsoft Access
Calculator Microsoft Edge Microsoft Excel
Paint Mozilla Firefox Microsoft OneNote
 VLC Media Player   Microsoft PowerPoint
Winzip   Microsoft Publisher
Wordpad   Microsoft Word

Users may install additional software applications for the active session, however do not select "Restart" if prompted, as this will reset the computer to the original default configuration, erasing any setting changes and rendering any documents or work deleted and irrecoverable.

While using University lab workstations, you are strongly encouraged not to save your work directly to the workstation. Instead, consider using external USB-based storage or using web-based resources such as Google Drive. When you are finished using a workstation, it is important that you log out immediately.

When you restart or log out of a workstation all personal information, documents and resources are deleted. Additionally, all computers will automatically log out after fifteen (15) minutes of inactivity or when your session time expires. All work that is not saved to external storage will be lost.

Printing is available from Alumni/IC Guest workstations. In order to do so, users must have a Courtesy Card loaded with funds in order to release print jobs from the printers. Cards are available to purchase for $1.00 and funds can be added in cash from the multiple Value Port terminals locations around each campus. There is a per-page fee for print jobs, following the same model used for students and active lab users as follows:

Print FormatCost Per Sheet
Color single-sided (Simplex only) $0.50
Black and White double-sided (Duplex) (Default) $0.10
Black and White single-sided (Simplex) $0.07
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