Loyola University Chicago

Information Commons

Level 4 Multi-Purpose Room Policy

Reserving the 4th Floor

  • Requests to reserve the 4th floor must be placed through the 25Live reservation system: https://campusres.luc.edu/25live/.
  • All reservations of the IC 4th floor must be scheduled in 25Live at least three days in advance of the event date, otherwise they will not be approved.
  • An event description and detailed information concerning room setup and technology must be submitted as part of your initial 25Live reservation request.
  • Please be sure to submit your 25Live request as accurately as possible, as it may not be possible to accommodate adjustments in reservations.
  • Any subsequent changes to a 4th floor reservation must be directly coordinated with the appropriate department at least one week prior to the event.
    • Reservation Times/Cancelations: Changes involving reservation times or cancellations should be directed to Amy Leung, Information Commons Supervisor, at 773.508.8000 or aleung@luc.edu.
    • Room Setup: Changes regarding room arrangement and furniture should be directed to Housekeeping at 773.508.2109 (office).
    • Information Technology: Changes involving information technology should be directed to the ITS Help Desk at 8-4ITS (773.508.4487) or helpdesk@luc.edu.
  • Questions regarding 4th floor policies should be directed to Paul Voelker, Director, Information Commons, at pvoelke@luc.edu or 773.508.3949.
  • All 4th floor reservations are subject to change at any given time at the discretion of University Libraries. If this occurs, University Libraries will attempt to relocate your event and contact you as soon as possible.

4th Floor Policies

  • The 4th floor may only be reserved by current Loyola faculty and staff for academic events. A faculty or staff member from the sponsoring department must be present to request that the floor be opened, and must be present throughout the event.
  • Events being held in the Information Commons are limited to the hours the building is open. Events scheduled on Friday and Saturday evenings must conclude before 8:30 p.m. Please see the Information Commons website for current hours: http://luc.edu/ic/hours.shtml.
  • At events at which the general public is invited, organizers must arrange to have a greeter available to direct the attendees to the 4th floor.
  • Outside catering is not permitted, and food and beverages for events must be provided by ARAMARK Loyola Dining and Catering Services, 773.508.6035, catering@luc.edu.
  • Any event serving alcohol must follow Loyola University policies. http://www.luc.edu/media/lucedu/policy/pdf/alcoholandotherdrugspolicy.pdf Beverages are to be provided by ARAMARK Loyola Catering only.
  • The 4th floor patio cannot be reserved for events.
  • No candles or open flames are allowed.
  • Decorations cannot be affixed to the woodwork, doors, ceiling, walls or windows.
  • Any damages to the room or its contents are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. A fee may be charged to groups for damage to the 4th floor or violation of 4th floor policies.
  • Please do not leave any items unattended while using the 4th floor. The IC does not take responsibility for items left unattended during an event.
  • According to the Chicago Building Code, no more than 148 people are permitted on the 4th floor.
  • No internet or wireless network access is available for non-Loyola attendees (unless prior arrangements have been made with Conference Services).

Frequently Used Contacts

  • Please note that detailed information concerning the date and time of your event, room setup, and technology should be included in your initial 25Live reservation request.
  • Reservation Dates and Times: Amy Leung, Information Commons Supervisor, at 773.508.8000, aleung@luc.edu.
  • 4th Floor Policies: Paul Voelker, Director of the Information Commons, 773.508.3949, pvoelke@luc.edu
  • Room Setup:Housekeeping: 773.508.2109 (office); housekeeping@luc.edu
  • Technology/Podium: ITS Helpdesk: 773.508.4487 (8-4ITS), helpdesk@luc.edu
  • Aramark Catering: 773.508.6035, catering@luc.edu
  • Guest Network Access: Conference Services: 773.508.8069, conferences@luc.edu
Policy Revision History
Approved: IC Steering Committee, November 2008
Updated: IC Steering Committee, September 2009
Updated: IC Steering Committee, July 2011
Updated: IC Steering Committee, October 2013
Updated: IC Steering Committee, May 2015