Loyola University Chicago

Information Commons

User Behavior Policy

Patrons have a responsibility to use the Information Commons (IC) in a manner promoting a safe, secure, open and supportive environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. IC patrons play an important role in creating a positive quality of life and experience in the IC. Please help us make the IC an enjoyable and productive place for all.

In order to provide access, promote safety, and protect resources and facilities, the IC prohibits activities that present health or security risks, damage resources, or disrupt the normal flow of operations. All suspicious, threatening, or dangerous circumstances should be reported to IC staff immediately.

  • Loyola University Chicago faculty, staff and students are expected to present a valid Loyola photo ID as they enter the building. A valid Loyola photo ID is also required to check out any of the equipment in the IC.
  • Levels One and Two of the IC have been designated for discussion and collaborative work. Conversations must be maintained at a non-disruptive level.
  • Level Three has been designated for silent and individual study. Cell phone use, audible equipment, and conversations are prohibited on the main floor. (Group study room conversations must be maintained at a non-disruptive level)
  • Personal Belongings: We do not accept responsibility for any items left unattended.

We reserve the right to enforce these guidelines consistent with the Loyola University Chicago Community Standards as established in the Student Handbook.

Policy Revision History
Amended: IC Steering Committee, July 2008
Updated: IC Steering Committee, July 2011