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healing earth

  • Healing Earth is a free online environmental textbook written by over 90 contributors around the world and sponsored by leaders of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) worldwide.
  • Healing Earth addresses the most pressing environmental issues of our time, including loss of biodiversity, natural resource exhaustion, transition to sustainable energy, the quality and availability of food and water, and global climate change. All of these issues threaten our common home, disproportionately affecting the marginalized people of the world by having enormous impacts on the global economy, social violence, climate refugees, and world poverty.
  • Healing Earth raises students' scientific awareness, probes the ethical implications of our environmental crises, challenges students to think deeply about the meaning of the natural world in our lives, and calls all of us to action that heals the Earth.

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Want to learn more about Healing Earth? Watch this video or
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with Co-Editors of Healing Earth Nancy Tuchman and Michael Schuck.

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The Spanish translation of all chapters will be available soon.

Case Studies

Our case study section is a hallmark of each of Healing Earth’s six chapters. Students are provided with detailed information surrounding an environmental issue (like uranium mining) and asked to consider the issue through a scientific and ethical lens. After these careful considerations, students must ask what type of action people can take to solve these environmental problems. Click on our Case Study samples, below, to read more. 

Water Case Study:
The River Ganges 

Every morning, Mallika Ganpati wakes up at her small home in Varanasi, India and walks a mile to the river Ganges to collect water for her family. Mallika is one of 784 million people worldwide who walk long distances every day to access the water they need to survive.

The Ganges originates from the Gangotri Glacier on the southern flank of the Himalayan Mountains. Global climate change is reducing the size of the glacier, lowering the water volume flowing downstream. Even though ten major tributaries add to the Ganges river system as it moves south, this does not add enough water to offset the decrease in water volume coming from the Gangotri Glacier.

 Read the entire case study on the River Ganges.

Closer Look

‌Another feature of Healing Earth is our “Closer Look” section in which we invite students to dig deeper with regards to the information presented. Take a look at our samples below.

Closer Look: Healing a Broken World

Read the Jesuit document Healing a Broken World.

Closer Look: Scientific Method

See this short video for an example of how to use the scientific method.