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Meet the authors of Healing Earth.

Meet the authors of Healing Earth.

Pedro Linares is a Professor of Industrial Engineering at the ICAI School of Engineering and co-founder and Director of Economics for Energy. 

"Students must know that there is a connection between environmental issues and ethical values."

"Environmental problems are deeply ethical problems, and we need to be aware of that and to learn how to deal with that connection in the proper way."

---Linares worked on the Energy and Climate Change Chapters  

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Inspired People

Melvin Calvin (1911-1997) was an American chemist whose careful use of the scientific method in laboratory experiments helped him discover facts that led to a new theory explaining photosynthesis--the process by which green plants convert solar energy into chemical energy.

Meet the authors of Healing Earth

Meet the authors of Healing Earth

George McGraw, Director, DigDeep Right to Water Project

"Healing Earth is a powerful tool because it proves to students - more than any book can - that environmental science connects all of us as humans, despite our ethnicity, nationality or education level."

"The environment  - and our experience of it - are changing quickly. Healing Earth is a living, breathing text that requires as much input from students as it offers output by way of lessons. We really want to foster a community around these issues that celebrates human interconnectedness, while respecting our cultural and religious differences."

"Of course, at the same time it's one of the very best environmental texts out there."

--McGraw worked on the Introduction, Water and Climate Change chapters 

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