Loyola University Chicago

Infant & Early Childhood Cognition Lab

A Typical Campus Visit

What is a typical campus visit like?

 Welcome!  We look forward to having you come visit us on campus!  Here’s what a typical visit is like.

 A friendly staff member will meet you in front of the Welcome Center in the parking garage and will escort you to our offices on the 10th floor of Damen Hall.

 We will explain the session and have you sign a “permission” form allowing your child to participate.

A parent is with his/her child the entire time!  And siblings are welcome!  Please let us know if you will be bringing additional children, and we will arrange for another staff member to play with your other children during the project time.


In most of our infant studies, your baby will sit in a high chair and play with a toy while some geometric patterns appear on a computer screen; this part takes only about 15 minutes.  Parents sit on a chair next to their child and read a magazine. This procedure helps us understand how babies learn to pay attention and stay on task.  Babies really like playing with the toys!



In most of our toddler and preschool studies, your child will sit at a child-size table and play with toys or complete tasks (e.g., putting together a puzzle) while different kinds of distracting events appear on a television off to the side.  This takes about 20 to 25 minutes.  Parents sit on a chair next to their child and read a magazine.  This procedure helps us understand how young children divide their attention and learn to stay on task.  Children have fun playing the games!