Loyola University Chicago

Infant & Early Childhood Cognition Lab

How To Participate

Click here if you would like to send us your contact information, and we will send you a letter when your child is the right age for one of our projects.  If you would like to speak with us in person, schedule an appointment, or learn more about the projects, please call us at (773) 508-8756 or send us an e-mail at infantchild@luc.edu.  We hope to hear from you soon!

Dr. Kannass and her staff invite you and your child to participate in research studies investigating the development of attention and distractibility at Loyola University Chicago.  They are currently doing projects on how babies, toddlers, and young children divide their attention between toy play and a distracting event.  These projects are being conducted in the Department of Psychology at Loyola University Chicago.  Participating in a project consists of coming to Loyola for ONE appointment (on a weekday or Saturday) that lasts approximately 30-60 minutes, depending on your child’s age.  We hope you will consider participating in a project! 

The sessions are fun and child friendly!  Dr. Kannass and her staff look at how babies, toddlers, and young children pay attention when playing with toys or games; a parent is with his/her child the whole time.  At the appointment, infants, toddlers, and children receive a small gift, such as a baby rattle, toy, or bouncy ball.