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International Admission

Italian Student Visa

All Rome Start students holding a non-European Union passport are REQUIRED to obtain an Italian student visa prior to arrival in Italy.

The visa application can be a lengthy process; therefore we recommend that students begin their visa application as early as possible. The Rome Start admission office is available to support students as they apply for their visa, however, each student is responsible for checking with their local Italian consulate regarding individual country requirements.

To locate your nearest consulate and to obtain a list of required documents, please go here and select the following options:

  • Duration of Stay: “More than 90 days”
  • Reason for visit: “STUDY: Technical and professional instruction beyond the level of compulsory education (over 18 years of age)”

Three steps to obtaining your Italian student visa

1.) Assemble necessary documents (listed below).

2.) Make an appointment at your local consulate. Please e-mail Anna Carlson, Assistant Director of Admission, at acarls2@luc.edu once you have made your appointment. Include in this e-mail 1.) Date and time of appointment, and 2.) Consulate where applying.

3.) Apply for your visa.

Documents you will need to apply for your student visa

We list here the documents typically requested for an Italian student visa application. Please be aware that all Italian consulates do not follow identical procedures.It is the student's responsibility to ensure they are submitting the correct documentation, specific to the Italian consulate in their country.

1.) A valid passport (valid at least six months after the expiration of the visa). If your passport expires before November 1, 2013, please renew your passport IMMEDIATELY to avoid delays in visa processing.

2.) If applying for your visa in a country other than your country of citizenship, please note that you may be required to show a valid visa or residency card for the country in which you are applying.

3.) Two recent passport style photos (2 inches by 2 inches)

4.) Completed visa application form A sample completed application form is available here. Please pay particular attention to the items highlighted in yellow. Note that this is only a SAMPLE form. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they are completing the correct form for their individual consulate. Student responses may also vary depending on each student’s specific situation.

5.) *Certificate of Enrollment from Loyola University Chicago (two copies: one original and one photocopy)

6.) *Dichiarazione di Disponibilità letter from the John Felice Rome Center (two copies: one original and one photocopy).

7.) Complete high school transcript (documentation of educational history in country of origin). Note that some consulates may require your transcript to be translated into Italian and legalized.

8.) Proof of available means of support for the stay in Italy of at least €7,039.63: (€206.58 fixed tax + [€27.89 per day x 245 days]). Note that the exact amount may vary depending on the duration of the intended stay; number of days should match answer to #25 on the visa application form. Please note that some consulates may require students prove means of support for a different amount. It is the student’s responsibility to check with their local consulate.

a. If the student is financially dependent:

  • Many Italian consulates will ask for, as proof of means of support, a notarized affidavit of support from the student’s parents and a letter (on bank letterhead) from the parents’ bank, signed by an official, stating the account balance. (Download the Affadavit of Support).

b. If the student is financially independent:

  • A letter on bank letterhead from the student’s bank, signed by an official, stating the account balance.

c. It is also possible to prove financial capability by holding an Italian bank account with the requested amount.

9.) Proof of health insurance covering medical treatment and/or hospitalization while in Italy. If no family international insurance option is available, please enroll in Loyola’s international health insurance program: CISI. When enrolling in CISI, use the sponsor code: LUC-SE. If you wish to purchase CISI insurance, please e-mail Anna Carlson at acarls2@luc.edu so that she can ensure you are given access.

10.) Roundtrip airline ticket to/from Italy. Please note that it may not be possible to buy a return ticket for April 2013 this far in advance. We recommend that students purchase a flexible ticket with a return date earlier in the year. Later, the student can change the date of return to after the end of the academic year.

*Documents #5 and 6 will be sent to the Rome Start student upon receipt of the enrollment deposit.

For a fee, Eduservices, a document service company, can assist you in preparing the documentation needed to apply for your student visa. Get more information at the Eduservices Web site.

Permit to Stay (Permesso di Soggiorno)

Within eight days of arrival in Rome, all students who are not citizens of European Union member countries must obtain a permit to stay in Italy (Permesso di Soggiorno per Studio). Students will be assisted with this process as part of the orientation activities.

European Union Citizens

Citizens of European Union member countries do not need a visa and do not need to apply for a permit to stay. All Rome Start students who hold passports of European Union member countries (excluding Italy) must inform the Registry Office (Ufficio Anagrafe) of their reason for being in Italy and their local address. Students will be assisted with this process as part of the orientation activities. The following documents will be needed for a student to complete this official registration:

  • A valid European Union ID or passport (plus one photocopy)
  • A copy of your National Health Service insurance card that entitles you to medical and hospital assistance throughout the European Union. Bring this card with you to Italy.
  • A bank statement or other document demonstrating you have financial means to support yourself while in Italy.
  • A copy of your Loyola University Chicago enrollment letter (we will have this for you in Rome).


The Rome Start admission office is available to support Rome Start students as they apply for their student visas.

For any questions or assistance with this application process, please contact Anna Carlson at acarls2@luc.edu or +39.06.355.88.328.