Loyola University Chicago

International Admission

Tuition and Fees


E-bills for your first semester tuition and fees are issued on the 15th of the month following your course registration appointment. If you register for courses before July 14, your E-bill will be available on July 15. If you register on or after July 15, your E-bill will be available on August 15.

To see your E-bill, log into LOCUS using your Loyola UVID and password. Click on “Campus Finances” and then click “View E-Bill(s).” 

If your parents are helping you to cover tuition costs, it is important to give them guest access to your LOCUS account. To do this, log into LOCUS and click on the “Personal Portfolio” and then the “Parent/Guest Access” option from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

Student Health Insurance

Please note that on your E-bill, you will see a charge for “Student Health Insurance Fee – UHC.”  You will need to waive this service. The Board of Trustees dictates that all students must be charged for the Student Health Insurance unless they opt out. As the student health insurance currently charged to your account does not give adequate international coverage, we ask that you waive the insurance in LOCUS by providing us with your family insurance information. 

To waive the Student Health Insurance, log into LOCUS and go to the “Campus Finances” section. You will see a link for “Student Health Insurance” where you will be able to click on the “Opt-Out” option. You will be asked to fill in some basic insurance information (carrier name, policy number, etc.). Then click “Agree.”  Once this is completed, you will be credited for the Student Health Insurance Fee and you will not be charged. (To see if your account has been credited in LOCUS, go to “Campus Finances,” “Account Summary by Term,” and then click on “Fall 2012.”)

For students covered under the Italian “Servizio Sanitario Nazionale,” please use “Italian Health Service” as your carrier name and your “codice fiscale” as your policy number.

Should you feel that your family health insurance will not provide you adequate coverage in Italy, you may purchase CISI health insurance through Loyola. You will need to use the sponsor code: LUC-SE. Please e-mail Anna Carlson (acarls2@luc.edu) if you wish to use this insurance service so that we can ensure you are given access. 

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is the same both for both the Rome and Chicago campuses. However, room and board and other fees vary slightly.


Tuition                                  $32,200

Room and Board                   $11,370

University Fees (approx.)       $500

Total (estimated annual cost) $44,070


Tuition                                   $32,200

Room &and Board (average)   $11,620

University fees (approx.)         $1,050

Total (estimated annual cost)   $44,870