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Each semester, the Institute of Pastoral Studies offers a variety of courses that can be taken as continuing education classes with evening and online options available. As a non-degree seeking student, you can enhance your knowledge and skills while furthering your professional career by participating in continuing education programs.

What’s happening now:

Scripture School: 

  • Registration for summer and fall programs is open      

MLK Prophet of Justice (Public Classroom):

IPS invites all alumni, friends and students to participate the following course:

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Prophet of Justice (IPS 599-001)

Instructor: Dr. timone davis
Fall 2021
Zoom Meetings on Wednesday, 7:00 to 8:30pm (central time)


The role of a prophet is to call people back to right relationship with God. They do so by disrupting people’s relationships with idols and their practices of idolatry. Looking at Martin Luther King, Jr. as a prophet, this course will examine how his words and visions challenge us to face and rectify today’s injustices of religious, political, and economic power. Moving beyond the now “comfortable" words of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, the course will explore major themes in King’s preaching and teaching that invite us to not only look more closely at today’s injustices, but also encourage us to action on behalf of the poor and the marginalized.

This course is our second “Public Classroom” offering. As one response towards antiracism, the IPS decided to offer a new course, Doing Liturgy in Racially Violent America, the fruit of collaboration between all IPS full time faculty and led by Dr. timone davis. The IPS made this a “Public Classroom,” which means a classroom open to all. We invited not only current IPS graduate students but also alumni and people from the wider community to participate at a reduced rate. The idea was to welcome those from different contexts into the classroom. Students, community participants, and professors alike enjoyed not only the content of the course but also the enrichment brought by such diverse perspectives.

  • The Public Classroom option: 1) if you are not a Loyola student, or 2) if you do not have room in your curriculum plan for an elective course in the fall 2021 semester, or 3) if you are not interested in the standard course audit mentioned below but you want access to the course and to participate when you’re able. In this instance, the cost of the course will be $590. To register for this option please use the following link: luc.edu/mlkvoice
  • Graduate students who want to take the course for credit will do so in the normal way (register in LOCUS for the class and pay full tuition). If you do not need credit but do want it to appear on your official transcript then you should audit the course. You will receive an AU grade on your transcript (attendance required) and the cost to audit is 50% off full tuition (register in LOCUS) and then contact Coordinator of Student Services at ipsstudentservices@luc.edu.

If you have any questions please contact Dr. davis at tdavis10@luc.edu, or Coordinator of Student Services at ipsstudentservices@luc.edu, or Mirta García, Continuing Education, at mgarcia29@luc.edu for the “Public Classroom” option.

Ignatian Legacy Fellows:

  • The group is ready to travel again and will meet in Washington DC after over a year of meeting online!
  • Group C just finished Module 6 and has started seven, and group D has finished Module 1 and has started Module 2.

 Restorative Justice Ministry Certificate will take place from August 20 to September 3, 2021, in Chicago 

Certificate in Pastoral Ministry for the UK:

  • Group C just finished module 6 and has started seven, and group D has finished module 1 and has started 2.

If you would like to contribute to IPS- Scripture School to bring this type of program to more people, please feel free to write a check payable to Loyola University Chicago; write in the memo section “IPS-SS.” Send the check through US Postal Service to Loyola University Chicago, P.O. Box 777323, Chicago, Illinois 60677-9056

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To Register & for more information contact IPS Enrollment Advisor:
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