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Each semester, the Institute of Pastoral Studies offers a variety of courses that can be taken as continuing education classes with evening and online options available. As a non-degree-seeking student, you can enhance your knowledge and skills while furthering your professional career by participating in continuing education programs.

What’s happening now:

Summer 2023:

We are offering a Continuing Education course online from May 22 to June 30, 2023:

The Philosophy of Nonviolence: Gandhi and King will be taught by Dr. Michael Okińczyc-Cruz. He is the founder and director of the Coalition for Spiritual and Public Leadership (CSPL) and has been teaching courses in our social justice program for several years. This new course will examine the moral and theological roots that shaped and informed the development of this philosophy and the relevance of Gandhi and King’s teachings on nonviolence within the context of community organizing and social movements today.

This course will run for six weeks from May 22 to June 30 (“Summer Session A”) with Zoom meetings on Mondays from 5:30 to 7:30 pm central.

This course will explore the principles at the core of Gandhi and King’s philosophy of nonviolence, the moral and theological roots that shaped and informed its development, and the relevance of Gandhi and King’s teachings on nonviolence within the context of community organizing and social movements today. The principles of nonviolence that will be discussed in this course will include Gandhi and King’s social and personal principles of nonviolence. In addition, the course explores how nonviolence was deployed and understood as a philosophy capable of driving transformative social change and how Gandhi and King viewed the personal commitments that the philosophy of nonviolence required. After a deep exploration of the social and personal dimensions and principles of nonviolence, we will discuss the implications of Gandian and Kingian nonviolence within the context of present-day community organizing and today’s movements for justice.

Click HERE to register and pay the $500.00 fee.

Learning Outcomes:

Objective #1: Gain factual knowledge (terminology, history, methods, trends).
Objective #2:  Learn fundamental principles, generalizations, and theories.
Objective #3: Develop specific skills, competencies, and points of view needed by professionals in the field most closely related to this course.
Objective #4:  Learning to analyze and critically evaluate ideas, arguments, and points of view.

Four different ways of taking this course:

As a Continuing Education Participant (non-credit): Click HERE to register and pay the $500.00 fee through the Market Place site. Feel free to contact Mirta Garcia at mgarcia29@luc.edu

As an IPS Graduate Student

  • For credit (3 credit hours, graduate-level, regular course cost), enroll in Locus (IPS 599-003; course #2693).
  • Enroll as a non-degree-seeking student at https://www.luc.edu/ips/admission/application/ (3 credit hours, graduate-level, regular tuition cost).
  • To Audit (Graduate and non-degree seeking students, receive an AU grade on your transcript, attendance required, the cost is 50% off full tuition), contact Julie Garcia at jgarcia33@luc.edu

Scripture School:


Restorative Justice Ministry Certificate will take place in Chicago from October 8 to 13, 2023

Certificate in Pastoral Ministry for the UK:

  • Group D graduated at the end of November 2022. They had their graduation celebration and send-off on February 18, 2023.

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To Register & for more information contact IPS Enrollment Advisor:
Noah Perry: 312.915.8900 or nperry4@luc.edu