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Ignatian Legacy Fellows

Do you want to create an intentional and meaningful retirement?

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Will you go it alone or would you like to accompany a cohort of Ignatian Legacy Fellows who are engaged in the transition to the third chapter of life?

The Ignatian Legacy Fellows Program is a yearlong program hosted by Loyola University Chicago, Santa Clara University, and Georgetown University that includes personal reflection, guided meditation, spiritual readings and discussion, and volunteer service – that all point toward helping participants better understand where they might be called to use their gifts in service to others.

To become an Ignatian Legacy Fellow, one undertakes an initiation process, or wisdom journey. One begins the separation process from career pursuits to the third stage of life. The Ignatian Legacy Fellows process is designed to engage leaders as a learning community to work together to gain insight and wisdom for application in family, community, work, professions, and stewardship opportunities.
While providing time, tools, and support for the interior journey, our global journey will invite engagement with leaders in the Jesuit missions of higher education, secondary education, healthcare, and social missions.

This process will prepare Ignatian Legacy Fellows to engage in the gift of inquiry—to first seek to understand through observation, questioning, and listening—not to fix problems but to engage practitioners as they meet adaptive challenges in their work. By doing so, they will become wise counselors, board members, trustees, volunteers, and wise elders in their families and communities.
The Society of Jesus invites the Ignatian Society of Fellows to join them as agents of reconciliation to a world in need.