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Master of Arts in Health Care Mission Leadership

Curriculum Planning Worksheet for MA-HCML

The curriculum for the MA in Health Care Mission Leadership is designed to meet the Competencies for Mission Leaders outlined by the Catholic Health Association via a series of twelve foundational courses. Since participants in this program will come with a wide range of past education and experience, this curriculum can be tailored to each applicant’s background. Candidates demonstrating graduate-level training in a competency represented by a particular foundational course may substitute a selective course in that or another area.

Core Courses

Competency AreaCore Courses
Theology IPS 570 Introduction to Theology and Ministry
IPS 402 Church and Mission
IPS 531 Christian Doctrine and History
Spirituality IPS 545 Foundations of Christian Spirituality
IPS 403 Spirituality and World Religions
Ethics IPS 553 Christian Moral Theology and Ethics
IPS 651 Clinical Bioethics**
IPS 655 Catholic Bioethics and Social Justice
Organizational Management IPS 657 Advanced Concept in Health Systems Management**
IPS 658 Fiscal Management in Health Care Organizations
Leadership IPS 653 Organizational Ethics II
IPS 578 Contextual Ed Preparation
IPS 579 Contextual Ed Introduction
IPS 580 Contextual Education Practicum or
BEHP 422 Practicum in Organizational Public Health Ethics


Competency AreaSelectives
Theology IPS 404 Theologies of Suffering
IPS 416 Christian Origins: An Exploration of the New Testament
IPS 541 Liturgy and Christian Sacraments
Spirituality IPS 428 Introduction to Spirituality Praxis
Ethics IPS 656 Advancing Health Equity Practice
IPS 652 Organizational Ethics I
IPS 654 Catholic Bioethics in Clinical Practice
IPS 596 Theology and Ethics at the End of Life
IPS 551 Social Ethics in the Catholic Tradition
Organizational Management IPS 659 Management of Professionals in Health Care Organizations
Leadership IPS 555 Human Person and Psychological Development

*Offered at Loyola's Water Tower Campus, Chicago
**BEHP = Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics CMAN = Marcella Neihoff School of Nursing