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Curriculum Planning Worksheet
for MA-Counseling for Ministry

The Master of Arts in Counseling for Ministry allows international students and those interested in Pastoral Counseling to receive a degree in counseling without the 60 credit hour licensure requirements. This 36 credit hour program continues to build student's understanding of religious culture, values and beliefs in a reflective and articulate form while equipping students to serve the therapeutic needs of their communities in a meaningful way.

Core Courses (24 credit hours)Credit Hours
IPS 400 Introduction to Graduate and Professional Writing * 0
IPS 473 Family Therapy and Personal Transformation 3
IPS 501 Advanced Human Relation Skills 3
IPS 502 Theology of the Developing Person 3
IPS 503 Fundamentals of Pastoral Counseling 3
IPS 505 Group Counseling Approaches 3
IPS 512 Ethics, Pastoral Counseling, and Spirituality 3
IPS 555 Human Person and Psychological Development 3
IPS 564 Foundations of Pastoral Care 3
Selective Courses (9 credit hours)Credit Hours
IPS 403 Spiritual Paths in World Religions 3
IPS 404 Theologies of Suffering 3
IPS 428 Introduction to Spirituality Praxis 3
IPS 472 Pastoral Counseling in an Intercultural Context 3
IPS 474 Addictions and Modes of Therapy 3
IPS 596 Special Topics: Health Care Ethic 3
Contextual Education (3 credit hours)Credit Hours
IPS 578 Contextual Ed Preparation 0
IPS 579 Contextual Ed Introduction 0
IPS 580 Contextual Education 3
Clinical Pastoral Education (0 credit hours)Credit Hours
IPS 530 0
Integration Project (0 credit hours)Credit Hours
IPS 593 0

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IPS 400: Introduction to Graduate and Professional Writing * - If required at the time of admission

To learn more about the master's degree in counseling for ministry and studying in the USA, we encourage you to apply here.